The Aiming for Accuracy quilt-along (QAL) was held in the Summer/early Fall of 2013. The lessons, blocks and detailed photo tutorials have been removed from this site and are now available for sale as a complete booklet.

Find out more about it here: Aiming for Accuracy Booklet.



HST – Half-square triangle
QST – Quarter-square triangle
SQST – Split quarter-square triangle
WOF – width of fabric, i.e. from selvage to selvage

Breezy Beginner's Sampler Quilt

Quilt-Along Links:


Improving Quilting Accuracy: Recommended Productsaurifil-50wt-t Improving Quilting Accuracy and Cutting Instructionseasing_t Lesson 1
Pressing Seams and Unit C1unit-c1-tPrizes
Lesson 2
Easing & Pinning and Unit A4lesson-2-tPrizes
Lesson 3
SQSTs and Unit B5lesson-3-tPrizes
Lesson 4
Triangle Points and Unit C5lesson-4-125Prizes
Lesson 5
Trimming & Measuring and Units A1 & A2A2-tPrizes
Lesson 6
Seam Ripping and Unit B1b1-tPrizes
Lesson 7
Unit C2lesson-7-thumbPrizes
Lesson 8
Units A3 & A8a3-thumbPrizes
Lesson 9
Unit C8lesson-9-thumbPrizes
Lesson 10
Unit B4lesson-10-thumbPrizes
Lesson 11
Units C6 & C10c6-thumbPrizes
Lesson 12
Unit C7lesson-12-thumbPrizes
Lesson 13
Complete Section Asection-a-thumbPrizes
Lesson 14
Complete Section Bsection-bPrizes
Lesson 15
Complete Section Csection-c-thumbPrizes
Lesson 16
Joining the Centre Toplesson-16-thumbPrizes
Lesson 17
Borders and Backinglesson-17-thumb
October 24-31 (at 8:00 a.m.)
Submit Quilt Top Photos for Grand Prizesaurifilbox-t
Bonus Info
Finishing Up Ideaslines-t

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