The Aiming for Accuracy quilt-along (QAL) was held in the Summer/early Fall of 2013. The lessons, blocks and detailed photo tutorials have been removed from this site and are now available for sale as a complete booklet.

Find out more about it here: Aiming for Accuracy Booklet.


Awarding the Grand Prizes

We are almost done with this quilt-along and will be awarding the grand prizes early in November. To be eligible for one of the awesome grand prizes, you’ll need to have just your quilt top completed including all three borders. It does not have to be quilted or bound.

To award the prizes, we have two options, and as I did before when I asked if we should take a break, I’m going to let you choose how the prizes should be awarded. Most votes in the poll wins.

The first option is to continue as we have with the weekly prizes whereby you submit the photo on this site and Amy uses to select the winning numbers. Amy emails all winners at one time and first to answer her email gets to choose what they want, second chooses, etc.

The second option is that you still submit your photo on this site, but instead of using to randomly choose, we’ll open up the submissions so that everyone can vote for their favourites (same as my weekly Show & Tell). The prizes would then be awarded in order with the person that received the most votes getting to choose what prize she/he would like first from those available, second prize with most votes chooses second, etc. until we run out of prizes.

While neither option is perfect by any means, the first option relies on the winners to email Amy back right away to get their preferred prize and the second option means those with more contacts have a better chance of getting more votes.

Confusing, yes! :)

With either option you will have until the end of October to get your top done. I’ll clarify the exact submission (and voting) dates in next week’s post once the results of the poll below are in.

This poll closes Friday, October 4th at Noon (EDT)

[poll id=209]

Lesson 14: Prizes

Below are the prizes for Lesson 14 of our quilt-along. Submit your Lesson 14 photo(s) below and see the photos that have been submitted. Continue to visit this page to see the new photos as they are added.

We have seven prizes to give-away for this lesson. Please show your thanks, and support the sponsors by visiting their sites to learn more about them.

Shelly from Prairie Moon Quilts has donated a $25 gift certificate for her gorgeous longarm quilting services. Location: Missouri


If there is no need for the longarm quilting services, Shelly has donated two patterns from her shop as an alternative. The two patterns are the winner’s choice (up to $25 in value for both). Two examples below.



Aurifil has donated four packages of Edyta Sitar’s Quilters Essentials thread kits. This kit contains four 1,300 metre spools of 50wt thread in colours chosen by Edyta: 1318, 2310, 2324, 2370. Two awarded for this lesson.


Marcia Baraldi has donated two pairs of the machine quilting gloves that she’s designed. She is based in Brazil, but does ship world-wide or you can order from the US too: Really Nifty Quilting Gloves. She’s sending me a pair to try too. Winners pay $5 via PayPal for shipping this prize. One awarded for this lesson.


Mark from the Classic Metal Company has donated 12 of his Mini Barn Quilts. Six winners will win two designs of their choice, in either brass or copper finish. Two sets awarded for this lesson.


Anne from Sweetgrass Creative Designs has donated a copy of her book The Thrifty Quilter – Make (Nearly) Free Quilts from Leftover Fabric.


A4AQAL: Photos & Prizes – Lesson 14

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  • October 7, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Winners are:
    #39 Karen Johnson of Oregon
    #23 Diana Mattoni of Florida
    #16 Barb of Illinois
    #43 Denette Stoll of Iowa
    #55 Liz Horgan of Jew Jersey
    #25 Fiona of BubzRugz, Australia
    #26 Cathy C of Australia

    Congrats girls!! The emails already went out. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! If you didn’t get it, go check your spam or email me right away! If you send a response and I don’t respond back in 24 hours, email me again! There are apparently a few that I’m not getting as well.

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