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Alphabet Quilt Alphabet Quilt
By: Meredith, Massachusetts, USA

This pattern was the first I ever made. Now I make it for my close friends and family whenever they have a baby. I made this one for my college roommate’s baby boy. I used the blues as that is a common “boy” color. It is a great quilt to use up small piece of fabric as the squares are tiny!

Quilt size: width: 25" height: 33"

Baby dreams Baby dreams
By: evelina scalera, Italy

This is my first quilt: I’ve made for my little son and I love it very much!

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 25"

Bear Hugs Bear Hugs
By: Valerie K, Ontario, Canada

This quilt was made for the arrival of my third grandson in March 2009. It was made from material and scraps I had in my stash.

Quilt size: width: 30" height: 45"

Black & Skulls Black & Skulls
By: Nora Burian, Indiana, USA

I consider this quilt a puzzle because of the way I had to figure how to lay it out.

The actual block is called wonderland.

Quilt size: width: 62" height: 44"

Bob the Builder Bob the Builder
By: Sheryl, Missouri, USA

Several years ago a friend gave me a bundle of fabrics for my Project Linus work. All of the fabrics were from the “Bob the Builder” line, including several panels. This is one of four quilts I’ve made from it to date. The appliques are traced from actual tools. It went to a child with cancer.

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 52"

Boy Stuff by Request Boy Stuff by Request
By: Quilts Plus, Illinois, USA

My nephew asked me to replace the baby quilt I made him with a new one. I asked what he would like and he gave me of list of things that he wanted on the quilt. All items are per his request.

(The fish are not part of the quilt, they’re pillows).

Quilt size: width: 75" height: 87"

Boys will be boys! Boys will be boys!
By: Maya, California, USA

My husband is still fascinated with planes and trains, so I made him this lap quilt a few years ago.

Quilt size: width: 44" height: 56"

Colorful Flyers Colorful Flyers
By: Sarcastic Quilter, Tennessee, USA

Using some EQ6 blocks, I designed this from start to finish for a friend’s new boy.

Fabrics include cotton, flannel and chenille. Backing is a light blue raised dot minkee.

Quilting is swirled in log blocks, echoed around applique, SID in other blocks & clouds littering the sky!

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 45"

De Hondjes/Dogs De Hondjes/Dogs
By: Hilde Lemarcq, Belgium

I made the quilt for the birth of my grandson Tibo.

Quilt size: width: 20" height: 20"

Declan is a Pirate Declan is a Pirate
By: Tracey Petersen, Australia

This wall hanging was made for my nephew. I have used printable fabric to include his photograph and appliqued an imaginary pirate scene around it. As a pirate he has become the star of the quilt. Although he is older now, when he was little he loved to tell stories about pirates.

Quilt size: width: 24" height: 36"

Dylan's Quilt Dylan’s Quilt
By: Nancy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This quilt was made for a grandson Dylan. I used log cabin design along with machine embroidery and added prairie points for a bit more interest.

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 50"

For Samuel For Samuel
By: Lynn Collison, United Kingdom

From a design I found on the internet, this was made for my first grandson Samuel who was born last November.

Quilt size: width: 24" height: 30"

Framed Robots Quilt Framed Robots Quilt
By: badlands quilts, Minnesota, USA

This quilt was a gift for my son’s pediatrician who just had her first child, a little boy. The Framed pattern is by Katie Hennigar of Bay Window Quilt Shop and the Robots fabric is by David Walker for FreeSpirit. I really like how the random grid quilting turned out…very modern I think!

Quilt size: width: 41" height: 49"

By: Lee Dueck, Alberta, Canada

Made for my 7 year old nephew’s birthday this year. He is an avid soccer player. He is number one goal soccer on his team. I love to watch going end to end on the field

Quilt size: width: n/a" height: n/a"

Hugs and Kisses Hugs and Kisses
By: sharon vrooman, New York, USA

I made this baby eye spy as a charity quilt for a “wee” abuse victim. Using a charm pack of boy prints, I split them diagonally and sewed radomly to a strip to form “hugs and kisses”. Now the little boy will be wrapped in hugs and kisses and bright prints to bring a smile. Backed with flannel-tied

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 42"

Job Site I Job Site I
By: Karen Fridy, North Carolina, USA

An original pattern with construction tractor novelty print and a paper pieced “caution” border. My oldest son (now 12) loved construction tractors when he was small. I think he collected every Tonka truck made! I created this quilt for his tractor themed room. I made 2 of them…he had 2 twin beds

Quilt size: width: 56" height: 92"

Jungle Boogie Jungle Boogie
By: Jeanne McBrayer, North Carolina, USA

My daughter-in-law selected the pattern and fabrics for this quilt for my first grandchild. She helped me cut the pieces for these wonky stars. For the outer border, I designed a quilting pattern of jungle animals on parade, and stitched it in variegated thread on my Gammill Longarm.

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 60"

Little Boy Bazoople Little Boy Bazoople
By: Kay Dawson, Texas, USA

Bazoople and friends bedtime story occupy the bright colorful squares. They are framed and bordered by coordinating bazoople fabric.

Quilt size: width: 39" height: 49"

Little League Little League
By: Ruth Robinson, New York, USA

This is a memory quilt for my grandsons who belong to Little League.

Quilt size: width: 14.5" height: 14.5"

Little Misters Cars Little Misters Cars
By: Christine Mitchell, Alberta, Canada

I made this quilt for my 2 year old son. He loves the Disney Cars movie and plays with toy Cars all of the time. I wanted to make something special for him for Christmas that he can have for a long time and get good use out of. He loves this quilt, and I am rather proud of it too :)

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 66"

Lop-sided Logs Lop-sided Logs
By: Tammy J, Utah, USA

I made this quilt for my son, then aged 10 years old. I made the appliques of things he liked, drawing each one myself. I also put in a little humor (the blue J).

Quilt size: width: 72" height: 90"

Luka Luka
By: Zdenka Ivancic, Croatia

I made this for Luka’s 2nd birthday.

Quilt size: width: 52" height: 40"

Rodeo Rodeo
By: Holly Elam, Alabama, USA

This started out as a baby quilt for my cousin’s son. I decided to add to it to make it bigger so that he would be able to use it longer.

Quilt size: width: 75" height: 65"

Sew me a Rainbow Sew me a Rainbow
By: Sara P. Busby, Kansas, USA

When my son turned 2, he graduated to a big boy bed. This quilt was my gift to him – it is a rainbow filled with all the things he loves: footballs, animals, robots, balloons, airplanes and taxis. The outside edge is prairie points that delineate in color to match the inside color gradients.

Quilt size: width: 53" height: 79"

snips and snails snips and snails
By: Anna, Washington, USA

I was sewing with an online group and our project was zig zag quilts. I had just finished a quilt for my daughter so I thought it was appropriate that the next quilt would be for my son. I love how everything came together for this quilt, the colors, the bugs and creatures, the design. It speaks BOY

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 40"

Star Wars Star Wars
By: Tonya, North Carolina, USA

My husband and son both love Star Wars. They adore this little quilt.

Quilt size: width: 32" height: 32"

Tic Tac Mo Tic Tac Mo
By: Nancy Lee, Missouri, USA

Christmas 2008, I made quilts for all 5 of my grandchildren. I picked this pattern by Atkinson Designs called Tic Tac Mo for Owen because he lives in Missouri.

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 70"

Transportation Quilt Transportation Quilt
By: Mary Valaika, Nebraska, USA

I made this for my son in 1983. He used it on his bed for 10 years. My son is 30 now, asked me to repair it for him. I spent 6 weeks hand repairing and restoring this quilt. Put a quilt sleeve on the back of it for my son, he plans to hang it in his living room.

Quilt size: width: 74" height: 94"

Turtles Turtles
By: Mary on Lake Pulaski, Minnesota, USA

All 2 1/2 inch squares plus applique for the heads, eyes and tails.

Quilt size: width: 42" height: 42"

YeeHaw YeeHaw
By: KathyQuilter, Arizona, USA

I made this cowboy quilt a few years ago just for fun, but it would look adorable in a little boys cowboy themed bedroom. It even has real silver conchos on it.

Quilt size: width: 18" height: 28"

Quilts for Little Boys

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    My vote is for the ‘Sew Me A Rainbow’ piece – this is a beautiful quilt and very imaginative!

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    Yeah for Sew Me a Rainbow! I almost voted for it even though I entered! :D So many beautiful entries. I love these little contests.

  • December 26, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    To: Transportation Quilt By: Mary Valaika, Nebraska, USA

    I love the quilt you made and want to make a transportation quilt for my son. I am new at quilting and would love any help that you might have to offer i.e. fabric, prints, or stencils. Thank you

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    I love the quilts by Sarcastic Quilter Tennessee and by Tonya N. Carolina.
    The colors are so stimulating and vibrant!

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