Bradie’s posted a really great beginner tutorial on Quarter Inch Accuracy.

See how the guide on the foot is off. For years I’ve struggled with this problem on my Janome Q6125 foot.


Last week, I decided to get rid of that silly guide once and for all. First I made sure I could buy a replacement foot, if I hated what I did. I just bent the metal entirely out of the way. The next time I see my dad, I’ll ask him to permanently cut it off for me.


Now I can see perfectly where the edge of my fabric is, and my 1/4″ seams are exact. Finally!


Last week, Bradie did a tutorial on nesting seams where she used fork pins. I love these pins! Now without that nuisance guide in the way, I can use them properly too.

Here’s a strip in progress for my postage stamp quilt.

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