Living Healing Quilt Project
Promoting Healing – One Stitch at a Time

This post is part of the Living Healing Quilt Project that honours the strength, courage, and commitment of Indian Residential School Survivors. This quilt block is from Quilt 2 – Crimes Against Humanity.

As a small child sent to the Indian Residential School at Brandon MB

This little gospel song stayed with me when I first sang it as a small child, it guided me through….

A presence of my Guardian Angel has been at my side ever since.

It brought light into my life when all around me there was sadness and misery, especially at night was the worst time in the little junior girls’ dormitory, you can hear the girls including myself crying for our parents, hoping and wanting to go home. So this song has inspired me that someone “Loved Me” and loved me throughout my time at the residential school and it brought me to who I am today…they tried to break my spirit, but they did not succeed to take that away from me, I am still carefree like a Butterfly, and by living my life to its fullest, and I can say that forgiveness is within me, but I will never forget.


Jesus Loves Me, Brenda Henderson