Living Healing Quilt Project
Promoting Healing – One Stitch at a Time

Back in July when I was doing the month-long feature of charity quilts, I wrote about the Living Healing Quilt Project. This was a call to those affected by the Canadian Indian Residential Schools to submit a quilt block.

The Living Healing Quilt Project honours the strength, courage, and commitment of Indian Residential School Survivors and bring awareness to Canadians about Indian Residential Schools, as we move forward together on a path of healing.

I am pleased to announce that the Quilting Gallery has been given permission to publish the 31 quilt blocks and the stories that were submitted. I am truly honoured to have this opportunity. I would like to thank Alice Williams, the coordinator for the project, for giving me the permission.

I strongly believe these stories need to be told and they should never be forgotten. This is a terrible disgrace and tragedy in Canada’s history, and what better way to heal than telling of the stories in quilts.

For more information, please see the Canadian government’s site, Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the CBC’s FAQs: Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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Living Healing Quilt Project

I hope you will be moved by this month-long feature as much as I was. The blocks are amazing, and the stories very moving. Many will bring tears to your eyes. There will be 31 individual posts, in order of the three quilts presented below.

Quilt 1 – Schools of Shame


Quilt 2 – Crimes Against Humanity


Quilt 3 – Child Prisoners


The Quilts and Stories from the Living Healing Quilt Project

2 thoughts on “The Quilts and Stories from the Living Healing Quilt Project

  • April 21, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I am glad that I stumbled upon this site. The strength of these survivors is amazing. I am humbled. My petty griefs and disappointments in life do not hold a candle to what others have experienced. I know one of these ladies and she speaks so gently and always smiles. We would never know the hurts she has lived through by her actions. Walalyn!

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