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Autumn Chain Autumn Chain
By: Mary Lynn Busch, Ontario, Canada

My first ever ‘FALL themed’ fat quarter challenge. Fifteen people participated All 15 fabrics had to be used and more could be added. We had one year to complete. Pattern was our choice. I picked AUTUMN CHAIN by Kansas Troubles Quilters, added an extra border, and gifted it to my son.

Quilt size: width: 71" height: 93"

Autumn French Braid Table Runner Autumn French Braid Table Runner
By: Gail Straka, Arizona, USA

I love the French Braid style quilts. I have made this in both Christmas and Autumn fabric. It’s always wonderful, and it’s easy.

Quilt size: width: 14" height: 56"

Autumn Harvest Autumn Harvest
By: Kristin Hoog, South Carolina, USA

Scrappy Quilt in Autumn colors. Hand appliqued flowers, vines and leaves around the pieced border.

Quilt size: width: 49" height: 49"

By: Linda Douglas, Montana, USA

Beautiful metallic leaves on cotton make this fall wall handing catch your eye!

Quilt size: width: 24" height: 32"

Autumn Quilt Autumn Quilt
By: Tracee, Australia

I made this quilt for my husband, we had a deal if I made him a quilt he would buy us a new king size bed. (We currently have a double). You guessed it 7 Years later he has a great quilt and I still have a double bed. (Such is life)!

Quilt size: width: 74" height: 40"

Autumn Splendor (Jennifer Newberg) Autumn Splendor (Jennifer Newberg)
By: Jennifer Newberg, Indiana, USA

I started this quilt in a class with Judy Laquidara and it is just about my favorite quilt ever. It is made with mostly batiks and I even ran out of fabric twice while in the process of making it! It is quilted with autumn leaves.

Quilt size: width: 82" height: 82"

Autumn Splendour (Rockgranny) Autumn Splendour (Rockgranny)
By: Rockgranny, Croatia

This quilt is made from fabrics I got from 3 deferent resources . I got them from my blog friends from US & Canada.

Quilt size: width: 35" height: 35"

Autumn Sudoko Autumn Sudoko
By: Izal, United Kingdom

Apart from quilting, I love Sudoko. This quilt uses the same principle – only one colourway in each line/block.

Quilt size: width: 52" height: 52"

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine
By: QuiltSue, United Kingdom

This was a real challenge to me as I struggle to use more than about 4 fabrics in a quilt and choosing the fabrics took weeks.

The design is a combination of a couple of patterns in the French Braid book, sorry, I can’t remember the author and have given the book away.

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 65"

Birds in the Air Birds in the Air
By: Dawn Duperault, Missouri, USA

Fall colors from my scrap basket make up this small seasonal quilt.

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 36"

Bittersweet Bittersweet
By: Jane Zillmer, Wisconsin, USA

I designed this quilt to celebrate autumn, my favorite season. It is machine pieced and raw edge machine appliqued. I hand quilted this quilt using perle cotton and a modified “big stitch” in a contrasting thread. This quilt was my first entry in the AQS Paducah quilt show.

Quilt size: width: 89" height: 89"

Bittersweet and Ivy Bittersweet and Ivy
By: Marsha Hodgkins, Vermont, USA

This wallhanging was made using 2″ blocks and three fabrics. It was like making a jigsaw puzzle and just as much fun. I hope you like it!

Quilt size: width: 27" height: 27"

Fall Converging on the Forest Fall Converging on the Forest
By: Sharon Scott, California, USA

I used Ricky Timms Convergence method with oak leaves and acorns sashiko on the borders. This is a fun pattern and sashiko can be addicting!

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 32"

Fall handbag for a knitten lady Fall handbag for a knitten lady
By: Berit Stavik Hansen, Norway

Handbag for a lady as love knitting:-)

Quilt size: width: 14" height: 16"

Fall Paganini Fall Paganini
By: Shannon Wagstaff, Idaho, USA

This quilt was October 2010 Le Petite project. I made it with Awesome by Sandy Garvais. The quilt moves. One minute I see X and O’s. Next I see squares that all the sides touch. Then squares with plus signs in them. I hope you like it as much as I do. Happy Halloween.

Quilt size: width: 32" height: 32"

Fall Transition Fall Transition
By: Christine L, Washington, USA

This is a fun quilt that I made during a 9 patch swap. I loved all the fabrics and colors that I decided to make a creative lap quilt that would flow from Dark to Light. I love doing the swaps, as it gives a great scrappy look to a quilt and you meet so many wonderful people. Thanks for looking!!

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 54"

Falling Falling
By: Lindy, Washington, USA

This is another of my continuing/playing with geometric designs. Hand dyes and batiks, layer upon layer upon layer. I really enjoy freely quilting the daylights out of these pieces. No plan or pattern, just ‘go with the flow’. Too fun!

Quilt size: width: 18" height: 26"

Falling Leaves (beanNM75) Falling Leaves (beanNM75)
By: beanNM75, New Mexico, USA

I modified this design from a new Eleanor Burns design to make it small enough to fit a friend’s quilt rack. I loved using fall batiks to create the leaves, boarder and binding. I didn’t have enough of one color of fabric for the binding, so I pieced different fabrics together. It worked!

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 48"

Falling Leaves (Lee) Falling Leaves (Lee)
By: Lee, Alberta, Canada

I used up all my fall coloured fabric scraps to make this improvised crumb quilt. Like leaves falling down into a pile.

Quilt size: width: 41" height: 62"

Falling Leaves (Marlene Reasoner) Falling Leaves (Marlene Reasoner)
By: Marlene Reasoner, Pennsylvania, USA

Machine pieced, machine quilted, original design. My quilt portrays the transition of leaves as they change from green to brown, spring to fall.

Quilt size: width: 67" height: 79"

Falling Leaves (Sheila) Falling Leaves (Sheila)
By: Sheila, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fall themed wall quilt

Quilt size: width: 32" height: 38"

Garden 9 Patch Garden 9 Patch
By: chrisb, Australia

This quilt began with the acid green fabric. I made it a while ago now and still I never see fabric that wants to go with it. It has a moody autumn feel to it and the teal saved the day.

Quilt size: width: 75" height: 85"

Harvest Spice Harvest Spice
By: Judith Bigley, California, USA

This is a beautiful quilt in reality. Pictures do not do it justice. I did this for a quilt shop sample a couple of years ago. Sure was fun. The back is all one fabric, that has the center motif’s of the pieced blocks. You can check it out on my blog.

Quilt size: width: 90″" height: 90″"

Herfstige Sterren Herfstige Sterren
By: Kathinca Harderwijk, Netherlands

It is the first quilt i handquilted. I picked the fabrics years ago when i thought about starting to quilt. I made it 4 years ago and it was my second project. It makes me happy to look at it and it has been hanging in the livingroom since the day it finished.

Quilt size: width: 42.5" height: 42.5"

Jack-O-Lanterns Jack-O-Lanterns
By: Kristen, Minnesota, USA

I purchased the Black Mountain Quilts book Sunflower Patch for another quilt, but soon fell in love with the Jack-O-Lantern pattern and just had to make it. I machine quilted a chain link into the borders and really enjoyed the machine applique on the pumpkin faces.

Quilt size: width: 47" height: 65"

Leaf Day Leaf Day
By: Susan, Colorado, USA

I traced around actual fall leaves to create this quilt. The leaves came from all over the United States, from the yards of former homes, my sons’ college and high school campuses, my former elementary school. One son sent me 4 leaves from the University of Ghana where he was an exchange student!

Quilt size: width: 60" height: 76"

Minnesota Memories Minnesota Memories
By: Christine M, Australia

Made with fabrics I purchased during our visit to the US in the Fall of 2005. That was the reason I chose the leaf fabric as the feature.

Quilt size: width: 54" height: 68"

My First Quilt My First Quilt
By: BillieBee, Texas, USA

This is my first quilt from a class I took and I did finish it…..grin.

Quilt size: width: 47" height: 47"

Norfolk Harvest Norfolk Harvest
By: Kaaren Biggs, Ontario, Canada

I fell in love with the Rose and Hubble floral print and decided it was perfect to go with baskets representing the amazing variety of garden produce grown in my home area of Norfolk County which is located along the north shore of Lake Erie in Southern Ontario.

Quilt size: width: 89″" height: 103″"

Oak Openings Oak Openings
By: Ranger Anna, Ohio, USA

We live in a park called Oak Openings Preserve. I’m nuts for anything with oak leaves or acorns. This quilt has various leaves (from cookie cutters) on homespun plaids. One of my first quilts that I designed myself. And still one of my favorites.

Quilt size: width: 60" height: 60"

Old Tobacco Road Old Tobacco Road
By: Beatrice, France

Mystery quilt from Bonnie K. Hunter in 2008, and finaly quilted and bound last week.

Quilt size: width: 52" height: 75"

Pinwheels in Autumn Pinwheels in Autumn
By: Jan Cooper, Alabama, USA

I really liked the deer scene fabric and thought that it should be displayed in a large piece to preserve as much of the scene as possible. Then I added borders and pinwheels in coordinating colors.

Quilt size: width: 42" height: 48"

Prairie Sunshine Prairie Sunshine
By: Toadally Quilts, Nebraska, USA

I don’t have the complete pic of the quilt its on the machine now but wanted to share. It was inspired by a trip across western NE,WY & CO with glorious fields of sunflowers, a must see. I designed this quilt, it has 2 borders green & batik sunflowers, prairie points in flower block ctrs, blocks 18″

Quilt size: width: 76" height: 76"

Pride of Iowa Pride of Iowa
By: Lizze, Washington, USA

This was a part of the Mystery Tour at my local quilt shop. I fell in love with the corn print. I machine stitched a kind of maze pattern in the maize! It’s backed in corn kernel fabric. This is one of my favorites!

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 60"

Pumpkins for Sale Pumpkins for Sale
By: Donna K. from N. TX, Texas, USA

This pattern is from a Thimbleberries book. Made by me in 2009, I used fabrics strictly from my stash (aka “resource center”) without purchasing anything new.

Quilt size: width: 26" height: 26"

seasonal change seasonal change
By: art2wear, Netherlands

A jacket celebrating seasonal change, summer almost over. The sun still hot. leaves changing colours.

Quilt size: width: m" height: m"

tesselating leaves tesselating leaves
By: beaquilter, North Carolina, USA

I made this for my husband for christmas 2 yrs ago ( don’t know if that disqualifies me) on my home sewing machine, I was quilting it on dec 23rd when my machine BROKE! so I had to wrap up a half done quilt and then say ” I’ll fix it” when you pay to fix my machine.

Quilt size: width: 70" height: 85"

Tranquility Quilt Tranquility Quilt
By: MGM at Hooked On Needles, Massachusetts, USA

This quilt was made using the Road to Tennessee pattern from Moda Bake Shop and charm packs of Tranquility by Sandy Gervais for Moda. It will be a Christmas gift for my sister and her family.

Quilt size: width: 54" height: 72"

Whoops, there goes your titfer! Whoops, there goes your titfer!
By: Amanda Ryan, United Kingdom

I made this little quilt for autumn last year; it was the first quilt I designed for myself rather than following a pattern.

Quilt size: width: 30" height: 20"

Winning Hand in Fall Winning Hand in Fall
By: Amber T, Texas, USA

This is the first quilt. I made it back in 2005 while taking a 3 part class. I’ve loved fall fabrics ever since.

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 60"

Wonky log cabin Wonky log cabin
By: Wonky log cabin, Sweden

I like to make quilts wonky!

Quilt size: width: 60" height: 86"

Fall Splendour Quilts

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