Living Healing Quilt Project
Promoting Healing – One Stitch at a Time

This post is part of the Living Healing Quilt Project that honours the strength, courage, and commitment of Indian Residential School Survivors. This quilt block is from Quilt 2 – Crimes Against Humanity.

The patch represents 3 stages.

The first part (top) is symbolic of traditions. Grandmother Moon who shows her face from behind a tipi with a heart attached; And Grandfather Sun symbolized with an eagle in flight.

Grandmother Moon is crying through the next stage which displays the residential school, and the broken spirits of the children. And if the spirits of the children are broken, then the future is broken.

Grandmother Moon continues to cry, but she is powerful. Her tears fall to land and bring healing in the final part of the patch. A flowering plant blooms with the Water from the Moon and the Light of the Sun. These universal parents nurture those broken spirits to bring healing. A sweat lodge in the city symbolizes rebirth, as Anishinaabe people enter the womb beneath the ribs of Mother Earth to hear her heartbeats and feel the heat from the 7 Grandfathers. They move towards healing, and learning to balance as the walk between 2 worlds.


Candace Neumann