Living Healing Quilt Project
Promoting Healing – One Stitch at a Time

This post is part of the Living Healing Quilt Project that honours the strength, courage, and commitment of Indian Residential School Survivors. This quilt block is from Quilt 1 – Schools of Shame.

Dear Alice,

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to participate in your important quilt – it has been meaningful both personally and professionally. I can share at least some of the improbable, but true, story of the embroidered block.

The embroidery was stitched by one of the students of the Residential School on Academy Rd., at the corner of Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, prior to the schools’ permanent closure in 196 ? . My Mother worked in a neighbouring office during the closure . She realized that the school contents included a box of former students’ embroidery squares that would be discarded. She felt the students’ work was precious and saved it. In 1996, the squares became my responsibility. In 2008, my colleagues and I watched the Federal Government Apology together and spoke of their plans to participate in your quilt. Kim Morisseau and Moneca Sinclair welcomed the embroidery and Moneca added her stitches to create the quilt block.

I am glad that this tangible reminder of residential school students’ embroidery stitches will continue to be preserved in Alice William’s quilt. I hope and trust that former students will feel glad too.

The embroidery block teaches me that beauty can be created in unlikely places and can endure. Perhaps others will find different meanings.

with good wishes, Megan


Megan McLeod