Earlier this month, I asked my Aiming for Accuracy II quilt-along participants if they would send me a 5″ finished block to use in the backing of my quilt. This block is from Lesson 2, Block 2.

Last year, I had asked my quilt-along participants to send me blocks too. Below is my backing for my Delightful Stars quilt. I am so pleased with how this turned out, that I am thrilled to ask this year’s participants to contribute too.

The back of my quilt includes friendship stars and paper pieced letters sent from quilters around the world.
The back of my quilt includes friendship stars sent from quilters around the world.

Below are the gorgeous 29 blocks I’ve received so far. Though I did receive another seven on Tuesday, but between the wind and Milo acting up, I wasn’t able to get a photo taken.

Quilt blocks received 2015-06-12

Quilt blocks received 2015-06-15

Quilt blocks received 2015-06-16


Quilt blocks received 2015-06-19

Quilt blocks received 2015-06-23

I am so thrilled with all of the blocks I’ve received and for the lovely messages and notes of encouragement. I save them all, and look at them whenever I’m feeling “blue”. We’ve reached the point in this quilt-along (almost half way), where I’m seeing amazing results and improvements from the quilters.

Aiming for Accuracy II - Black Diagram

Of course, if you want to join us on this FUN adventure, you can do so at any time. Purchase the quilt-along here. If you do so, I strongly recommend that you progress through this project by starting at Lesson 1, as each lesson builds upon skills learned previously.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the blocks I’ve received so far. I’ll be sure to share more blocks with you in the future and also my final block layout for the backing of my quilt.

Happy quilting,

Quilt-Along Blocks Received

2 thoughts on “Quilt-Along Blocks Received

  • July 4, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    I have been so sad. I am missing the quilting lessons because I work, live and eat at my campground. I have no time during the summer months to love my sewing. Anyways, we are full with 4th of July campers and it’s a rainy day. I just came over to my office and printed out lessons 4-8. Now I feel a little better because I can take the notebook back to my cabin and do some reading. I live in Florida from the end of November and this is when I get to enjoy my sewing. This was a good therapy session. Thank you. ~ Saxton, Pennsylvania

  • July 9, 2015 at 1:10 am

    many thanks for the latest aiming for accuracy lesson,squares look great, looks like my square got lost in the post from here in the UK, fingers crossed it will arrive soon,t is well over 2 weeks ago that I sent it, I sent it with a hardanger card I made. I want to add your aiming for accuracy symbol to my blog but cannot find how to do it although I have seen it on lots of other blogs

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