Delightful Stars Quilt-Along

As I sit down tonight, Monday, February 17th, to write the blog post for tomorrow’s Delightful Stars Quilt-Along (DS QAL), I realize that last week’s post didn’t publish. So, let’s play catch-up…

For this week’s lesson, we are making Block #23, discussing the pieced borders and I’ve shared some organization tips. Here’s Block #23:


This is our first Split Quarter Square Triangle block. If you are unfamiliar with this unit, be sure to read the huge chapter on Triangles and Flying Geese as a refresher. Keep in mind, if you are using the specialty rulers, the quartered sections of this block are cut from Side A or the Companion Ruler. They are quarters, the same as the flying geese bodies we’ve already encountered in previous blocks. As we want the bias edge to be on the inside of our units, don’t cut these pieces as half-square triangles.

Border Talk…

The Delightful Stars quilt has five borders that surround the centre top. Two of the borders are pieced as shown in the photo below. It is my intention that both of these borders will be scrappy and made with fabrics used in the centre top.


In order to have a balanced scrappy look, it’s worthwhile planning for the borders at this point. I know if I don’t start to cut out border fabrics from my fat quarters (FQ) now, that when it comes time to piece the borders, all that I’ll have left of my FQ fabrics are my not as loved colours and prints. Here’s how I’m cutting the border fabrics:


Full details are provided in the lesson that has been sent to all participants.

Staying Organized…

As this quilt-along lasts 9.5 months, it’s really important to stay super-organized. Here’s how I’m staying organized:


  1. FQs not used in the quilt yet.
  2. FQs used in the quilt, left over strips and background units.
  3. Basket for SQST units.
  4. Basket for 4-patch units.
  5. Rectangle strips 2.5" H x ~ 5.25" W that will be pieced into 4-patches.
  6. HSTs at 4.5".
  7. Quartered SQST – prints.
  8. Quartered SQST – background.
  9. Four-patch paired sets (2.5" H x 4.5" W).
  10. 2.5" squares.
DS QAL: Lesson 4 – Block 23 and Pieced Borders

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  • March 11, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    I do not speak English and I use a translator, please excuse any errors.
    I bought the quilt of stars and received the first 5 lessons without problems but last Tuesday I did not get the link to download it and today I have not received anything.
    Is there any problem? How I can get them?

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