Delightful Stars Quilt-Along

Update: Jan. 16 (Thursday) My sincere apologies folks, but I have the flu with horrible headaches, shakes and chills. I’ve been to the drs. but I just have to wait it out. I’ll get the post done as soon as I can. Please be patient.

Hi everyone …

This week’s Delightful Stars Quilt-Along (DS QAL) post and updated file will be available late Thursday evening.

It’s a huge lesson covering triangles, flying geese & the speciality rulers and it’s taken longer than I thought it would to pull together! Here’s a sample of one of the drawings I created for you.


While you’re waiting I have an excellent video resource to share: Why is a Scant Quarter Inch Seam Allowance so Important?.

I’ll add this resource to our Booklet update for tomorrow. See you then!

DS QAL: Lesson Tomorrow and Video on the 1/4″ Seams