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Happy Canada Day Eve!

Happy Canada Day Eve! Milo and I spent a few hours on Parliament Hill this morning listening to the dress rehearsals for tomorrow’s big day. We were lucky enough to hear both of the sets that Chris Hadfield will be doing. I took a video, but it’s HUGE and don’t have time to figure out how to upload it right now.

Waiting at Tim Horton's for Mom to bring me a Timbit.
Waiting at Tim Horton’s for Mom to bring me a Timbit.
But Mom, I don't like that kind, I only like the plain Timbits.
But Mom, I don’t like that kind, I only like the plain Timbits.
Canada Day set.
Canada Day set.
Picture taking stage.
Picture taking stage.
Having fun on Canada Day eve.
Having fun on Canada Day eve.

One more sleep … waiting on the Snowbirds fly by. Just checked the schedule, they aren’t in town yet. Maybe later today.

Google Reader Retirement and Happy Canada Day Eve!
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