Lately, I’ve been working on my Diagonals Quilt, which uses the Scrappy Herringbone Tutorial that I shared several weeks ago. I never seem to get enough time to spend in the sewing room, but I’ll tell ya, these blocks, while lots of fun, really are time-consuming.


So far, I’ve used five 100-metre spools of thread .. yikes that’s a lot! When I start putting the blocks together into rows, I’ll actually switch to my favourite Aurifil 50wt thread as it’s thinner and results in more accurate seams.


I’m going to need a new rotary cutting blade to trim these to size. I really should have been trimming them as I went along, as that’ll be very boring, but I couldn’t stop sewing! LOL


As of this morning, I have six block units left to make. The quilt I have planned, needs 144 blocks, so I’ll add the latest batch to the first 60 I did several weeks ago.


I hope to start putting together the rows this weekend. There are 16 block units in each of the 9 rows. I do plan to separate the rows with scrappy yellow sashing at 0.75″. But until I have the rows done and see what it looks like, I haven’t started the sashing yet in case I change my mind at what I want. I currently don’t have a functioning design wall, so this is going to be a challenge.

View the Scrappy Herringbone Tutorial.


Progress: Diagonals Quilt
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