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Remembrance Day | Veterans Day

~ Remembering ~

By: Ruth Gallant – November 11, 1998


Today is November the eleventh
A day to reflect upon heroes
And all that these men gave
To create a safer world for us
Through war they fought to make us free

I look up at a portrait
Of a man I never knew
He was my mother’s brother
Who died in World War II
A hero through and through

He was only thirty-five years old
When his life came to an end
He fought so others could be free
And in doing so died
Like so many other courageous men

So today I think of him
This man I never knew
And so many others who died
In lands across the sea
To keep freedom for you and me

There is a special symbol I wear
So proudly today upon my chest
It is a simple red poppy
For these men who died
Along with my thanks to each one

Freedom rings today
In this my homeland of Canada
But across the sea in foreign lands
Lie the bodies of many brave men
Who fought to keep us free

God Bless them today and always
And may we never forget
Just what each gave for us
Let’s remember they were the best.

In memory of Lance Corporal GEORGE HARRY ROWE who died on March 24, 1941

Published with permission from Ruth Gallant.
Please do not copy or republish without permission from Ruth.

Published: 11.11.11 11:11 (EST)

Let us not forget the Heros
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One thought on “Let us not forget the Heros

  • November 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Lest We Forget ….. but unfortunately we don’t seem to learn. A lovely Post Michelle.

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