Please join me in welcoming today’s guest blogger, Kitty Pearl from Road Home Quilting, as she shares with us The New Commemoratives. There’s lots to celebrate in the next 15 years!

This weekend is sandwiched by two patriotic holidays; Friday is Canada Day and Monday is US Independence Day. To quilters, special days like these are enthused with particular meaning. Through the watermelon and the fireworks, we see quilt blocks. Triangles and squares inspire us not only as art, but also as tactile remembrances of our time with family, and pride in our community. To me, this is the greatest power of quilting: the tradition of commemorating. Think about it. Your memory quilt shares the same sentiment as the burgoyne surrounded stitched by a colonial quilter.

Now I have a surprise for you. We are entering a new era of commemorative quilting! Turns out that the coming decade and a half is a cornucopia of special anniversaries, all fit for quilty observances. For example (and speaking of cornucopias), Thanksgiving will mark 400 years in 2021. Plus, 8 Provinces and 43 States will celebrate birthdays in the next fifteen years. In fact, 16 States are turning 225 during that time (that’s a quasquibicentennial, I know you were wondering). Overall, there are 68 big reasons to celebrate all the way through 2025.

In order to piece these dates and events together, Road Home Quilting has created a table of New Commemorative Dates, indexing major anniversaries 2011-2025. Bet you are dying to see if your home is on the list. But wait, before you go, here is more exciting news. You can join with other quilters enthused with The New Commemoratives on the Facebook community page, Commemorative Quilting. This is the place to share your commemorative projects and get news of memorial events.

New Commemorative Dates

Something to consider under the fireworks this weekend. Remember that in quilting years, a decade and 4 bits is not very long. (I had better start my Thanksgiving quilt now if it’s going to get done in time!) Time to get your stash ready, start your machine, and go bring a new expression to the tradition of commemorative quilting!

Road Home Quilting designs quilt patterns from warmth and tradition, while meeting contemporary decorative functions. Here are friendly quilt projects that remind you of home, each one tested for fun and functionality!

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The New Commemoratives by Kitty Pearl

2 thoughts on “The New Commemoratives by Kitty Pearl

  • June 29, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    I’m still working on a whole variety of “Commemorative” quilts that I began in the last few years. In fact, I thought about it and almost every quilt I make commemorates some occasion. LOL! They have lots of meaning to me but not sure they will have much meaning to anyone else. However, maybe in a hundred years, they’ll be scooped up by future quilt collectors! :-)

  • June 29, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Thank you Quilting Gallery for getting the word out about teh comming Commemortive fun! You Rock!!!

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