Happy New Year everyone!! I hope 2011 will be filled with creative inspiration for all.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the article I wrote for The Quilt Life: No more sticky notes: How Evernote organized my quilting life [PDF].


I have ten one invite to give-away for a free one month trial of the premium version of Evernote. While you do not need to pay for Evernote, the standard version is free for everyone, I use the premium version as it has more space, allows any file type to be embedded, notebook sharing and searches PDF files (very helpful for all those free downloaded quilting patterns!).

Drop me an email if want to give Evernote Premium a try.

UPDATE: I’m out of free trial upgrades now, but I’ll email Evernote to see if I can get a few more. Check back here or on Facebook tomorrow.

Evernote Premium Trial Accounts
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