I am very fortunate to be participating in a row robin with 7 other wonderful ladies from around the world. There’s Anita from the Netherlands – our wonderful leader and organizer, Shiela from Australia, Isabell from the UK, Viviane also from Canada, and Betsy, Cynthia and Charlotte from the United States. Truly an international group of quilters.

Here’s how our row robin works. We’ll each make 8 rows 40.5″x8.5″. We have two months to complete the row and send it to our partner. Each row has a theme, for example, the row we’re working on now is Flowers, the one for January/February is Houses, then Stars, Animals, Food, Trees and Hearts. We’re free to interpret the theme as we like. We also send a label along with our row, that is 5.5″ square. At the end of 2011, we’ll all have our rows to put together finished at approximately 40″x64″ before sashing and borders.

The first row we made, is the one we keep for ourself. This is what I made.

It will be the top row of my finished quilt. I will probably put the various labels that I receive underneath it too.

Here’s the absolutely gorgeous flower row I received from Anita.

A couple of close up photos:

The cross-stitched label:

Here’s the progress on my flower row going to my secret partner. Obviously I have a lot of stitching still to do. :)

This is the first time I’ve participated in such a group effort. I know once this quilt is done, it will be my most treasured quilt. The friendships and the creative inspiration drawn from such a talented group mean so much.

You can visit our Flickr group to see more of the rows. I’ll continue to update my progress over the next year.

The Robin Rowers
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  • December 15, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I was in this row robin….love, love the applique. I love the “A” word–needle turn to be exact.

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