I made some changes last week to the Quilting Bloggers directory. For each blog, you’ll now see the latest 3 blog posts. I’ve also added integration with Facebook, so you can “Like” blogs here and share them with your friends on Facebook.


If you’re blog is not showing the latest posts, there are generally two reasons: (1) your blog’s RSS feed is broken or does not exist; or (2) you are not using the Title box in your blogging software. See this post for blogger/blogpost help.

Interesting fact: Of the 4,338 blogs in the Quilting Bloggers directory, 3,393 are blogspot web addresses (does not include domains hosted at blogspot). More than 78%. ‎236 are WordPress.com blogs or 5%.

More than 200 blogs were removed from the directory as they no longer exist.

You can help keep the directory up to date. If you see a blog that is no longer relevant or is broken, you can click the little cloud/comment-like icon that appears on the right side of the blog title. Enter the info on the next page, then I’ll get a notice to check it out.

Hope you like the new changes!!

Exciting Changes to the Quilting Bloggers Directory