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Addy's Quilt Addy’s Quilt
By: Tara Quilts, Alabama, USA

Size is approximate. This was made from the ‘girly’ pieces from a Woodland Bloom (Lila Tueller for Moda) layer cake.

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 40"

Baby Blue Birds for Abbie Baby Blue Birds for Abbie
By: Nancy Lee, Missouri, USA

When our oldest daughter surprised us by getting pregnant with her third child I knew I wanted to do something with hand embroidery. These little blue birds were perfect.

At night Abbie tells the birds to “please be quiet, Abbie sleeping now”.

Hand embroidered, designed and quilted by me.

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 45"

Basket of Flowers Basket of Flowers
By: Mary Winterbottom, Pennsylvania, USA

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 60"

Best friends Best friends
By: A. Carole Grant, British Columbia, Canada

I made this little quilt for my youngest grand daughter.
She is the 4th child in this family, a very diverse family in thinking, habits and friends. I wanted our little girl to know that because we look different on the outside, we are all the same…inside. 4 Best Friends..the same but different.

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 48"

Bright and Sassy Bright and Sassy
By: Karen Abreu, California, USA

I made this for my Grandaughter. It has all her nicknames. She loves it and sleeps with it every night. She didn’t want to give it up for the photo!

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 52"

Bug Jars Bug Jars
By: Bug Jars, California, USA

Each jar contains a different fabric with bugs on it i.e. ants, worms, dragon flies etc.

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 50"

Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Kisses
By: Shelley Cyr, Maine, USA

This disappearing nine patch was the pattern I used to teach beginning quilting to two friends. We met once a month and I usually had a light lunch and refreshments. It was a fun time of fellowship. I loved how it turned out and gave it to the next granddaughter born; after 4 boys FINALLY a girl!!

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 60"

Caitlyn's Flowers Caitlyn’s Flowers
By: Amy Skattebo, Wisconsin, USA

In 2007 while browsing in “Fun Quilts,” a publication of Fons & Porter, my little daughter peered over my arm and said, “MOM! I want dat qwilt.” It was the first applique I attempted. It replaced her store-bought quilt and still is on her bed almost three years later :0)

Quilt size: width: 64" height: 84"

Cat Napping Cat Napping
By: Melody DeGraziano, Florida, USA

This quilt was made for Emma Rose, the first grand child and granddaughter. I wanted to make a feminine quilt with Emma as the central figure as she was lying in it. She was only a few day old when this picture was taken and we first saw and fell in love with her.

Quilt size: width: 38" height: 45"

Claire's Garden Claire’s Garden
By: What Comes Next?, British Columbia, Canada

Made for my cousin’s baby daughter , based on a tutorial at Don’t Look Now for a Flower Garden Pillow which I enlarged.

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 50"

Ela's Doll Quilt Ela’s Doll Quilt
By: Sophie, Texas, USA

This is the quilt I made for a doll quilt swap. I was told that it would hang in the room of an almost 3 year old in Istanbul, Turkey who loves pink and cats, flowers, and butterflies. It turned out that the appliquéd cat looked a lot like Ela’s own cat, Pasa. She recognized him immediately.

Quilt size: width: 16" height: 20"

Elizabeth Elizabeth
By: Kathleen C., Connecticut, USA

I wanted to portray elements of my daughter in applique. Elizabeth is shown in a silhouette at 5 yrs. old. The book block shows her love of reading. “Friendship is a Sheltering Tree” represents the importance of friends to her. And the sewing machine is for me! I loved every stitch of this quilt.

Quilt size: width: 32" height: 32"

Evanie's Quilt Evanie’s Quilt
By: brighteyestish, Washington, USA

I made this for my grandaughter that lives 6 hrs away. love tumbling blocks.

Quilt size: width: 30" height: 30"

Fairyland Fairyland
By: Margaret Batterton, Texas, USA

This quilt is for my Nana stash. When a grandchild reaches age 5 they get to choose a quilt. I think one of the twins has already claimed this one and she is not even 3 yet! The redwork designs are machine embroidered and the small blocks include images of favorite items for little girls.

Quilt size: width: 65" height: 89"

Fee du jardin Fee du jardin
By: Beatrice, France

Machine applique and quilted. Made for my little niece, as pattern tester for Woods and quilts.

Quilt size: width: 30" height: 37"

Flowers for Beatrix Flowers for Beatrix
By: Mariana Pascoa, Portugal

Made with love for Beatriz, a baby girl born on the 22sd September 2009, first child of a dear friend. This was my second quilt, and the kitty was machine apliqque. The quilting was made by hand and has a flower pattern all over. The Hello Kitty is one of my friend favorite characters!

Quilt size: width: 30" height: 32"

Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life
By: Christine M, Australia

This is a wall hanging I made for my son Mitchell and his friend Josh to give to their friend Bethany as she was leaving to go to a new secondary school. The boys didn’t want Bethany to forget them and wanted me to make something for her to remember them by.

Quilt size: width: ?" height: ?"

G's baby quilt G’s baby quilt
By: Country Mouse, Ohio, USA

I made this quilt for a friend who was having her first baby. I used some block patterns that I had and came up with a ideas of my own to create this medallion style quilt

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 45"

Garden Patch Garden Patch
By: Carol Kelley, Utah, USA

This was made for my Son’s 1st baby, a Daddy’s girl :) This is my 1st major patch work quilt and my 1st Free Motion Quilting attempt. This quilt was so fun to make and now I am addicted!

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 48"

Hello Betty Hello Betty
By: Tonya, North Carolina, USA

I would love to have a little girl and have her room done in this Hello Betty repro fabric. These less than 2″ HST were left over from some siggy blocks.

Quilt size: width: 20" height: 20"

I Spy a Rainbow I Spy a Rainbow
By: Hilary McFarlane, Australia

An eye spy quilt made with 6″squares alternating with squares made up of 2″ and 3″ squares and rectangles. I designed the quilt, which is machine pieced. It was machine quilted by a local quilter

Quilt size: width: 51" height: 75"

Jezebel Jezebel
By: sharon vrooman, New York, USA

Pattern by Red Rooster – “Jezebel” made entirely in stash/scrap fabrics. Machine and paper pieced, quilted in various daisy flower designs. Made as a charity quilt.

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 60"

Kennedy's Rag Quilt Kennedy’s Rag Quilt
By: LINDA BROWN, Ontario, Canada

This is my latest rag quilt created for my youngest grandaughter who turns 2 tomorrow. I love creating quilts for my family.

Quilt size: width: 54" height: 72"

Look at the Moths Grandma found in her scrap basket. Look at the Moths Grandma found in her scrap basket.
By: Rosemary Poole, Texas, USA

Appliqued and pieced- made for my Granddaughter several years ago.

Quilt size: width: 70" height: 90"

miss pinky sunbonnet sue miss pinky sunbonnet sue
By: aida, Malaysia

it’s a baby quilt for my friend’s grandaughter…this pattern is m favourite …and really hope they’ll love it too…

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 57"

On The Road To Spring On The Road To Spring
By: Jennifer, Texas, USA

I made this quilt in a quilt along challenge to celebrate spring. I chose Denyse Schmidt’s new Hope Valley line for the bright yet bold spring colors. I quilted it with a free motion all over meandering pattern then bound it, washed it and dried it to get that vintage crinkly texture that I love!

Quilt size: width: 50" height: 60"

Playful Plaids Playful Plaids
By: Mindy, North Carolina, USA

This was made for our youth ministers new baby girl. I like to make play quilts for mothers to use on the floor when the baby is just at the point before crawling. On one side is the main quilt pattern and the other is a ‘play’ side with a fabric that encourages play time. I loved making this one.

Quilt size: width: 40" height: 40"

sara sara
By: zdenka ivancic, Croatia

i made this for little Sara

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 52"

Spring Flowers Quilt - Pastels Spring Flowers Quilt – Pastels
By: KimsCraftyApple, Wisconsin, USA

There are seven flowers appliquéd on gorgeous piece of hand-dyed fabric. Some of the border bugs have also been appliquéd into the main portion of the quilt. The ‘sky’ is quilted with a loopy star pattern and the ground is quilted with a ‘grass’ pattern.

Quilt size: width: 30.5" height: 35.5"

Sweet 16 Quilt Sweet 16 Quilt
By: connysquilts, Netherlands

My daughter (sweet 16) hates pink and let us know since she can talk!!
So when it was her turn for me making a bedquilt for her, it became multi-colored chequered fabrics I choose. She loves it and is using it all winter on bed and even wrapping herself in it while making homework.

Quilt size: width: 60" height: 80"

Quilts for Little Girls

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    All are wonderful but my vote goes to Fee du jardin.

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    I’m voting for Bright and Sassy

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    They are all beautiful, but my vote goes to Carol Kelly’s Garden Patch. Great work Carol

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    I make a lot of quilts for grandchildren and especially like the fairy theme. I think the fairyland quilt is really special.

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    It was so hard to choose. All of these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing quilters.

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    I vote for Ela’s doll quilt by Sophie.

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    Very original. Love it!!

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    I really enjoy looking at all of the beautiful quilts but the voting is always so lop sided that the contests appears to be more about how many friends you have or great networking than the quilts themselves.

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