Running the Quilting Gallery site, it’s no surprise that dozens of quilting-related blogs come across my screen each day. I can’t remember another blog that captured my attention so thoroughly like Leah Day’s 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs.

I’ve been watching the progress daily on this blog for a few weeks, and I must say, I’m totally impressed. Doing 365 days of anything, is a huge accomplishment. Coming up with 365 different designs, stitching them and capturing them on video is mind boggling.

Day 47 features Cubing, pictured and the video is featured below.

Each daily post includes:

  • photo of the completed design
  • stitching video
  • inspiration for the design
  • filler design type – stacking
  • difficulty level
  • directional texture
  • suggestions for use
  • photo of the back

Blogs are notorious for being difficult to quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Leah’s solved this by creating design pages that show 20 designs at a time, and you can click the corresponding link to view the blog post related to that design. Fabulous idea!

You can also search by difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, beginner/intermediate and advanced designs. Just click a link on the side of the blog for the level you are interested in. You can sign up to receive a weekly summary email too.

Leah will also be releasing digital books and DVDs. There’s more information in this blog post. I’ll have to see about featuring Leah in an upcoming Friday Give-Away.

My goal is to try the beginner designs to start and hopefully progress to beginner/intermediate in time. I’ve been working on some scrappy blocks for a queen size bed quilt (for me!!). It’ll have 99 – 9″ finished blocks. The perfect size to sample stitch. I’ll stitch it on my domestic machine in pieces so that it’s manageable. I doubt I’ll get to any of the quilting until the new year, but it’s nice to have an idea in mind.

Leah also sells quilting supplies on her site, Day Style Designs Online. Lots of free articles and videos there too.

Thanks Leah for creating this fabulous resource. I can’t wait to see all 365 of the designs. They are a huge inspiration. Thanks too for the permission to use your photo and video in this blog post.

365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs

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