This is the final week to take advantage of the summer special for the Quilt Shop Locator where you can advertise directly to quilters for less than $7.00 a month.


The Quilt Shop Locator is a growing network of quilt shops, online retailers, retreat facilities, pattern and fabric designers, authors, teachers and other quilting professionals from around the world.

This powerful map-based tool makes it easy for quilting enthusiasts to find retailers near and far. It’s an excellent advertising option for online-only retailers too. Especially in these more difficult economic times, potential customers are more apt to buy from you if they know where you are located. It’s the trust factor. Unique categories allow customers to find you here too.

Give it a try! It’s only $40.00 for six months of advertising. You won’t find online or offline targeted advertising anywhere else for that kind of price.

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Summer special ends September 15, 2009.

Summer Savings in the Quilt Shop Locator