Tuscarora Summit - Cove Mountains - Pennsylvania

After I left Spring Market and Pittsburgh behind, I travelled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

It was a gorgeous trip, in perfect weather. Route PA30 is quite mountainous and an exciting experience for me, as it’s pretty flat here in Ontario by comparison. My ears kept popping, just like they do in an airplane.

I finally found a safe place to pull over to take a couple of photos and texted my mom to tell her I was on top of a mountain. To which she replied, come down safe. Ahh, mothers!

I arrived late in the afternoon in Gettysburg, and most of the touristy things were closed, which I expected. I wandered around the beautiful historic downtown centre for a couple of hours, read some history pamphlets and visitor books, grabbed some dinner, then off to my hotel for the night.

As luck would have, it certainly wasn’t planned, the Gettysburg National Military Park was very close to my hotel, so I headed there to see what was available. I purchased the package that included a guided battlefield bus tour, the museum and the cyclorama.

I had a great day. As you can see from the pictures below, the weather was perfect. While I’m not an American, I do know a fair bit of the American Civil War history. While the bus tour was enjoyable and informative, if I’d had more time, I would have opted for a self-guided auto tour as there were additional places along the battlefield I would have liked to stop at.

After the tour, I went back to the downtown area to do some more exploring and grabbed a snack at the Farnsworth House Inn. You can see the bullet holes in the side of the building below.

It was a great experience, and I’m really glad I was able to visit.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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