Just checking out the new Quilter’s Home magazine web site, and came across this point, in the article 23 secrets for stress-free quilting.

8. Needling

All needle points aren’t the same, girls. Use sharp, denim, or topstitch needles, which will cleanly perforate the fibers (rather than just moving them over to find the hole in the weave). These needles—not universals—will give you a straight stitch without adding bulk to your piecing.

I’ve never heard of this before, to use denim or topstiching needles for piecing. I thought, especially denim, that the holes it makes are too big… maybe I just have thick denim needles. I’ve certainly used topstitching needles for machine quilting, but never piecing. (Not sure if the sharp reference above is to a needle type or just a new needle.)

Thoughts? What’s your favourite piecing needle type?

Denim or Top Stitching Needles for Piecing?

One thought on “Denim or Top Stitching Needles for Piecing?

  • March 26, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    When I complained to a shop owner that bali batiks dulled my needles frequently, she recommended denim needles #9. They are slim, but strong.

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