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Cathy McKillip

My name is Cathy McKillip and I have been the owner of Wish Upon A Quilt for the last 9 months. After spending 20 years in the corporate world (healthcare and software development), I decided to take the plunge (I’m also a scuba diver) and follow my passion-fabric, quilting and sewing!

I am excited that Michele has given me the opportunity to be a guest blogger because I’ve met so many wonderful people in the quilting world and I’m hoping that through this post, I will meet even more of you. For those of you that I have not had the opportunity to meet in person, a little background about me and how I wound up owning a quilt shop.

Despite learning to sew at a young age, I had not picked up a needle and thread again until 2002. My mom, a quilter, was receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer and needed some help with cutting fabric for a project that she was working on. Well, with one zip of the rotary cutter, I was hooked! All of the great feelings that I had from sewing and playing with fabric came rushing back! I was in HEAVEN!

I started taking as many quilting classes as my busy corporate schedule would allow and managed to finish a number of quilts. As I would travel around the country, I would visit as many quilts shops as I could for some much needed rest and inspiration. I don’t know about you, but the minute I go into a quilt shop, I feel that I am with people who understand that some days being able to walk in and touch fabric makes everything just a little bit better. I wanted to spend all of my time in a quilt shop and was lucky enough to find a local shop that was for sale! The rest is history. I have loved every minute.

Give Away

I’ve recently started a blog of my own for Wish Upon A Quilt and I’m pleased to offer my first blog give-away to readers of the Quilting Gallery. Leave a comment on my blog between now and February 28, 2009 and you will be entered to win a free charm pack! You may comment on any post, just let us know what your favorite fabrics are in your post so that we can pick a charm pack you will love!

It is my hope that at Wish Upon A Quilt you find a place where you can come to relax, be inspired, have fun, and leave happier than when you arrived. I hope that we all learn from each other and support each other in making the handmade projects of our dreams. What is your dream project today?

Cathy McKillip

2 thoughts on “Cathy McKillip

  • February 21, 2009 at 5:37 pm


    I would love to own a quilt shop!! You are indeed one lucky chick!!! Having your own shop is alot of work, but it’s so nice to be in a business that you really love.

  • February 23, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Love’d your introduction and even visited your website and left a comment. I love your enthusiasm.

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