… I’m really behind these days. A couple of days before Canada Day, I switched Internet providers and something went very wrong, resulting in me having no access for several days. While this might not be a big deal for many, for a web developer who works from home, this really caused me a lot of nuisance.

I had every intention of starting the Charity Quilting Month posts on July 2nd, but just haven’t had time to get them together. I hope to get caught on the Wednesday or by the weekend for sure. If you’re waiting for an email reply, please be patient, it’s coming too.

My mom and I had a great visit, we did some stitching (her knitting, me blanket stitching some applique) and shopping and eating out at restaurants. It was my birthday on the weekend, and I got some great gifts from my family (including home-made cookies that the cats ate already) and a lovely professional seam ripper from a friend of mine. My mom was here for breakfast that day, and she left right after so I spent a quiet afternoon and evening, relaxing, reading, watching some television and drinking some beer. It was perfect as I didn’t want anything elaborate and preferred to just forget about it altogether (yes, it was one of those big ones).

Anyway, I was back to work and getting client stuff done today, so I feel more in my groove than I have the past couple of weeks.

I was reading Judy L.’s Patchwork Times blog earlier today, and she was kind enough to post about my Charity Quilting Month in this great post of her Charity Quilting projects, which gave me a great idea to tie into the theme here. If others want to post a blog entry on their own site about their charity quilting efforts, then send me an email, I’ll gladly compile a list of the posts together in one spot on here. Depending on how many I get, I’ll do a couple of posts this month to highlight your submissions.

Have a great week,

I must confess …

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  • July 8, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Life gets in the way sometimes! Glad you had company for your birthday.

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