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Curved Binding Video Tutorial with Sharon Schamber

I love Sharon Schamber’s glue binding video tutorial, and was very pleased to find this curved binding tutorial.

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This post was published on November 2nd, 2008. Post topics: Tips and Tricks, Videos. Post tags: .

8 Responses to “Curved Binding Video Tutorial with Sharon Schamber”

  1. […] Mishka of Quilting Gallery found some great YouTube videos by Sharon Schamber on binding quilts with curved edges, and she has posted them on her blog. See the tutes. […]

  2. Fabricfaire says:

    I really loved the binding w/glue video!

  3. This binding video is worth its weight in gold to me! I can’t tell you how much I learned. I am a novice to quilting and am just getting in to homemade bias. I have a scalloped quilt pattern that I plan to do and am so glad that I saw this video before even attempting it. I’ll have to rewatch these videos again when I work on that quilt. Great video!!

  4. Jackie Davis says:

    I need to do a ‘zigzag’ bind and this “inside” miter is GREAT! thanks!!!! Great tutorial!


  5. dutchess_of_somerset42501 says:

    this tutorial..is great…a valuable tool for any quilter..ty for sharing this…

  6. pakitamas says:

    Nicely done and super informative. I have to work on a curved binding, beginning this evening and this video was E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y informative. I was scared about the gluey part, but now I have confidence to use it and to use it properly. I’ll be binding by machine. Thanks so much for your video. Super Job! pakitamas

  7. Lori Korell says:

    I have a Dresden Plate quilt that has curved edges. I have had it on a shelf for 3 months because I didn’t know how to apply binding. This method will make it soooo much easier than any I have seen ! I am having trouble finding a fine tip for the glue ?

  8. […] More video tutorials from Sharon Schamber on curved binding […]

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