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Triangles for On-Point Quilts


I found myself this morning wondering how to calculate the triangles needed for setting a quilt on-point. No, I’m not working on a quilt being set on-point right now, I was just curious. I found this information, Cutting Corner and Setting Triangles for On-Point Quilts. Some scary math there.

Browsing around some more, I see that Bonnie from Quiltville, has a great chart of standard sizes already prepared. That saved me the math! Yeah!

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This post was published on June 1st, 2008. Post topics: Tips and Tricks.

2 Responses to “Triangles for On-Point Quilts”

  1. Niki :) says:

    thanks for linking to justusquilters. I require a recipricol link back. Please read my posts under the justusquilters blog. If you have problems, please let me know. Thanks for signing on! quilty hugs.

  2. Mishka says:

    Hi Niki,

    I have both of your blogs already listed in my Quilting Bloggers directory.

    It wouldn’t be fair of me to give priority to one blog over another by adding another link.


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