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Scrappy Cartwheels


Here’s a great quilt for using up scraps, Scrappy Cartwheels AKA Whirlygiggles. The instructions are well done.

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This post was published on May 1st, 2008. Post topics: Free Projects. Post tags: .

2 Responses to “Scrappy Cartwheels”

  1. Sandra Fowle says:

    I have just finished making up this quilt from fabric scraps that I cut from old clothes that I collected at boot sales. It is fantastic and is just great for using scraps, it’s easy and quick and so versatile because you can make different size “Whirlygigs”. I made it up in the 4″ size and used all pink fabrics with white background. It looks stunning, even if my technical skills leave alot to be desired (I’m still learning)! I used all sorts of fabrics which required me to stabalize some of them with iron on fabric. I didn’t have a clue how it would turn out but I am so pleased with it and intend to make more quilts using this pattern in the future. Thanks for the great instructions!

  2. Sandra Fowle says:

    One more comment to add – I live in Crete, Greece and was attracted to the pattern because it reminded me of the windmills that we see, most of them redundant now, all over the island. I’ve decided to call my quilt “Lassithi Landscape” after a the Lassithi Plateau high in the mountains of Crete, which was once covered in windmills to irrigate the land.

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