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Local Ottawa Friends: Cocktail Party and Quilt Auction


*+-This Tuesday, there’s a Cocktail Party and Quilt Auction at the Trattoria Caffe Italia in Ottawa.

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Posted: June 2nd, 2013  

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Two Charity Quilts Delivered


*+-Yesterday, I dropped off two more charity quilts for Victoria’s Quilts Canada. Last week, their headoffice, located here in Ottawa, received requests for 80 quilts… in one week! They definitely need more quilters. It’s a fabulous organization, if you can help out, I’m sure they would appreciate it. These two quilts were made with the […]

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Donation Quilts

*+-Last year, I ran a contest here on the Quilting Gallery site, Charms for Charity. We raised 1,149 charms. Last January a couple friends and I started a charity sewing group and invited others to join us. We meet once a month. Several of the ladies in the group have never sewn before, never mind […]

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Our First Charity Quilting Day

*+-We had our first charity quilting sew-a-thon day last Sunday. Eight of us gathered at Lois and Lisa’s house for an afternoon of sewing fun. Three of the ladies had never sewn before. For one reason or another, they have a strong desire to learn and support Victoria’s Quilts with their efforts. They each finished […]

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The Charm Report

*+-Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a nice holiday … I sure did. Here’s the latest report on the Charms for Charity Contest. If you would like to participate, the final contest drawing will be held January 31st. With the holidays over, the mail seems to be moving a lot quicker, so there’s […]

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