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Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

  • Leaves, Trees & Flowers

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    • Total submissions: 42
    • Total countries: 10
    • Total provinces: 3
    • Total states: 18

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  • A Ripple In Time

    A Ripple In Time (64" x 64")
    By: Jackie White, Ontario, Canada
    Blog: Jackie's Art Quilts

    It describes the past summer where I would work away on my quilt wherever my children were playing. I would haul it outside on the deck as they played in the dirt, in the car on road trips, and up to the farm on those rainy days.
    I always find summers just seem to disappear in the blink of an eye

  • Artistic Tulip

    Artistic Tulip (20.5" x 22")
    By: Wands Riggs, Kentucky, USA

    I made this little quilt in an improvisational quilting class taught by quilt artist Vikki Pignatelli this year at Jabez, KY.

  • autumn leaf (Leonie)

    autumn leaf (Leonie) (17.5" x 23.5")
    By: Leonie, Germany
    Blog: strandkorbtraum

    It's a swap mini for autumn so I decided to do a leaf but couldn't find a leaf block that I liked so I made up my own leaf, I would probably leave the blues out of the patch half now, but I really like the feel of the baby corduroy half. I tried out a lot of new techniques making it.

  • Autumn leaves (Edny Raknes Reiten)

    Autumn leaves (Edny Raknes Reiten) (31" x 41")
    By: Edny Raknes Reiten, Norway
    Blog: Edny sine puslerier

    A gift to my brother's 50 year-birthday.

  • Autumn Leaves (Karin)

    Autumn Leaves (Karin) (51.5" x 59")
    By: Karin, Australia
    Blog: The Quilt Yarn

    This was an experiment with the traditional Maple Leaf block, rotating it to evoke a sense of scattered leaves across the quilt top. The quilt was published in Australian Patchwork and Quilting under the title of Autumn Greetings in Vol 21 No 3

  • Autumn Leaves (SeacoastQuilter)

    Autumn Leaves (SeacoastQuilter) (27" x 48")
    By: SeacoastQuilter, New Hampshire, USA
    Blog: SeacoastQuilter

    I designed this runner to use as a free gift with a purchase in 2006 when I owned a quilt shop. I love fall colors the best!

  • Autumn Spendor

    Autumn Spendor (20" x 20")
    By: Tina Gilley, Florida, USA
    Blog: Quilting For Enjoyment

    Original design. Inspired by gazing at the sky through the autumn tree tops.

  • Checkerboard Flowers

    Checkerboard Flowers (88" x 88")
    By: Barbara Stanbro, Oregon, USA
    Blog: Cat Patches

    This is a Block of the Month quilt. It is raw-edged applique with the edges of the applique pinked. When the quilt is washed, the edges of the appliques will "rag" giving it a three-dimensional appearance. It was displayed at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland earlier this year.

  • Cheep Talk

    Cheep Talk (22" x 14")
    By: Betsy Lynn, Illinois, USA
    Blog: Lilypetunia

    This is a quilt I made for a Denyse Schmidt Doll Quilt Swap. It is a compilation of two quilt blocks from "my whimsical quilt garden" by Piece O' Cake Designs. It was fun making it and I really like how it turned out. My swap partner was thrilled to get it.

  • Colours of Spring

    Colours of Spring (96" x 96")
    By: Mayfield, Australia
    Blog: Little House on the Hill

    I made this quilt using a large variety of floral fabrics with a jelly roll border. The quilt was made for my daughter in law who loves blues. The floral blocks are a traditional 4 patch with random hand appliqued flowes.

  • Dresden Flowers and Snake

    Dresden Flowers and Snake (40" x 50")
    By: Richard, Utah, USA
    Blog: Richard and Tanya Quilts

    I have never done a Dresden quilt before and wanted to see if I could do it.

  • Fall Leaves (flamingo)

    Fall Leaves (flamingo) (72" x 81")
    By: flamingo, Colorado, USA
    Blog: Лоскутные впечатления

    I made this quilt from my scraps.
    This pattern is Scattered Leaves by Pam Buda.

  • Fall Leaves (Patti Akins)

    Fall Leaves (Patti Akins) (54.5" x 61")
    By: Patti Akins, Florida, USA

    I wanted to make this a charm quilt, but I am new and since I used some of the same fabrics in the border, it is a only a "scrap quilt". The pattern is from Maple Leaf Quilts, by Ilene Bartos. I hang this on my living-room wall during the fall months and love the bright colors and fabric variety.

  • Falling leaves (Robin Bunch)

    Falling leaves (Robin Bunch) (42" x 54")
    By: Robin Bunch, Maryland, USA

    I made this quilt from a jelly roll and appliqued leaves on it. It was made for a silent auction to help pay funeral expenses for a friend. I also made a bag to keep the quilt in. The little girl who 'won' the quilt was very happy.

  • Falling Leaves (Vickie)

    Falling Leaves (Vickie) (81" x 89")
    By: Vickie, Utah, USA
    Blog: Creative Notions

    This quilt was a free pattern in Quick Quilts October/November 2008. I used oranges, browns, greens, purples and yellows in batiks. The background is yellow microdots. It's my favorite!

  • Family Tree (Donna)

    Family Tree (Donna) (55" x 40")
    By: Donna, Michigan, USA
    Blog: Quilt in Progress

    Made for my aunt and uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary, guests were to sign their names inside each leaf on the tree. This is a wallhanging they could then treasure. Stipple-quilted background, and around the leaves and tree.

  • Family Tree (Erica Baron)

    Family Tree (Erica Baron) (60" x 37")
    By: Erica Baron, Vermont, USA

    After giving up on quilting for several years, I went to an art quilt show and was inspired to try again. This was the second quilt after I came back to quilting, and one of my favorites.

  • Fantasy Doorway

    Fantasy Doorway (18" x 24")
    By: Darlene Bayley, Alberta, Canada

    Project inspired by metal embossing plates and my love of trees. A young ghost of a girl sits outside an old brownstone building. Leaves done with Texture Magic and trees are wrapped and stitched cords. The door is metal. The background is painted Lutrador.

  • Flower Garden Pillow

    Flower Garden Pillow (19" x 19")
    By: Jo Hobson, British Columbia, Canada
    Blog: Create the point

    This was to be an inspirational birthday gift for a young sewer to copy but I decided at 9 years it was a bit beyond her yet, so made her a simpler one using traditional blocks instead. Now I have a cushion with no home!
    Pattern found at http://dontlooknow.typepad.com

  • Foliage Fantasy

    Foliage Fantasy (53" x 67")
    By: AnneP, Ontario, Canada

    Based on a pattern by Karla Alexander.

  • Grandmother's Flower Garden

    Grandmother's Flower Garden (118" x 110")
    By: dwynette, Nebraska, USA

    This is an entirely hand pieced and hand quilted grandmother's flower garden quilt with original border designs. I pieced the quilt and after discouraged in quilting it, it sat in a closet for a few years. A friend, Cheryl Jaixon, decided to finish quilting it. It took her 2 years.

  • Harvest Moon

    Harvest Moon (17" x 27")
    By: Tubaville, Minnesota, USA
    Blog: Tubaville Quilts

    Inspired by a Deb Karasik design, I fused the pieces to the crazy quilted background then machine appliqued them. Nothing was measured or planned beyond looking at a picture in Deb Karasik's book.

  • In Gerda's Honor

    In Gerda's Honor (16" x 18")
    By: Tricia, Michigan, USA
    Blog: Ramblings of a Quilter

    This quilt is named after my honored friend: Gerda V. who passed on 6/4/12. We were using a Lori Smith applique pattern, stashbusting & no more that 18x20. I tea-dyed my muslin for 1st time. Handquilted the oakleaves & acorns w/1/8" stitch. I finished it in Her Honor after she passed as tribute. TY.

  • In memory of my mother's passing

    In memory of my mother's passing (45" x 50")
    By: Marika Szabó, Hungary

    Passing away - This quilt was made for the memory of my mother. It was only planning to make some interesting things but gauze was soft and did not hold the gauze texture use of starches on the advice of my mother, this was the solution.

  • Indian summer

    Indian summer (17" x 11")
    By: Kathrin, Germany
    Blog: tinistaschen

    Made of old rests of different fabrics, sewed by hand, handquilted.

  • Iris and Rust for Fall

    Iris and Rust for Fall (19" x 45")
    By: Cheryl Hartzog, Florida, USA
    Blog: http://quiltsandartbycheryl.blogspot.com

    The background to this wall hanging is fabric that I dyed from rusty items last summer .
    I decided to use this iris flower (fat quarter) that I had for a long time to make this long wall hanging,
    the 1 inch sashing I brought with the Iris flowers makes it stand out more.

  • Jane Austen's Coverlet (replica) (not eligible to win)

    Jane Austen's Coverlet (replica) (not eligible to win) (94" x 112")
    By: Céline Jalal, France
    Blog: Les petits bonheurs de Céline

    This is a replica of Jane Austen's coverlet. I make this quilt with passion and I need one year (each day and 1500 hours). I love Jane Austen and when I began the patchwork it's a revelation. Each diamond is a flower.

  • Last Vestige

    Last Vestige (16" x 24")
    By: Lindy, Washington, USA
    Blog: Art From the Heart-the Blog

    Free motion embroidered applique' leaves, randomly cut and pieced tree (raw edge appliqued), lots and lots of leafy motif quilting. Last Vestige shows my love for the Fall Season! Bring it on!

  • Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree (14" x 19")
    By: Allie, Michigan, USA
    Blog: Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life

    When I was young, my mum played a song called Lemon Tree, and I loved it. I would sing it over and over. I decided to make a tree quilt pattern based on the song. This little quilt was auctioned for Japan Quake Relief and now lives in Australia with my best Aussie mate, Jenny.

  • Liberty runner

    Liberty runner (16" x 38")
    By: LethargicLass, Ontario, Canada
    Blog: A Plethora of Pinatas

    This is a table runner I made for my Mom for Christmas 2011. Liberty of London has always meant special fabrics for her, and she loves flowers so to make this with all the beautiful Liberty prints was an easy choice.

  • Maple Leaf Log Cabin

    Maple Leaf Log Cabin (17" x 52")
    By: Mary, Indiana, USA
    Blog: Made With Love by Mary

    This table runner is made from my scrap box. I had seen a similar block in a 9" in a magazine a few years ago. I adjusted the size to 12". This was my first attempt at HSTs. Not perfect, but it works well for our huge trestle table.

  • Marianne's Garden

    Marianne's Garden (40" x 50")
    By: Vreni Kohler, Singapore
    Blog: Oops-Lah

    I made this quilt for my friend Marianne. The pattern is by Kellie from "Don't look now"; I just changed a few details.

  • Marieta disfruta del otoño-Marieta enjoys of the autumn

    Marieta disfruta del otoño-Marieta enjoys of the autumn (15" x 15")
    By: ana-ane, Spain
    Blog: ana-ane puntasdas con gusto no....pican

    Un grupo de amigas hicimos un intercambio, en el que el motivo principal era el otoño, yo hice este pequeño quilt
    para Marieta.

    A group of friends we made Me an exchange, in which the principal motive was the autumn, I did this small quilt for Marieta

  • Oak Leaves

    Oak Leaves (52" x 52")
    By: Kathi Iacovelli, Pennsylvania, USA

    One day, my friend, who is not a quilter, helped me to organize my fabric. Her comment to me was that I had too much fabric and needed to use up some of it up before I bought more. I made this quilt with over 70 different fabrics and gave it to her, making only a tiny dent in that stash.

  • october leaves

    october leaves (24" x 24")
    By: grace thorne, Maine, USA

    my love of autumn fabrics and a book called "a month of sundays" prompted me to make this october wallhanging. i made it about 15 years ago and i like it as much today as i did then. in fact, i made 3 of them and gifted the other 2!

  • Puddle of Leaves

    Puddle of Leaves (16.5" x 17")
    By: Lily Kangas, Ontario, Canada

    I was looking for a kids project to show how to do fusible appliqué. First I chose the background colour and after layering it, I quilted swirl designs to look like raindrops. Then I fused leaves in various fall colours and blanket stitched around them to add texture.

  • Save the trees, Save the Earth

    Save the trees, Save the Earth (80" x 82")
    By: Jean Sewing Machine, Missouri, USA
    Blog: Sew What?

    This is made in my favorite way of making quilt tops, the jelly roll race style, enlarged to fit a queen bed. I quilted it using the motif of leaves and stems across the entire quilt. This was my third large quilt that I've done on my longarm. I was happy with the quilting motif! Pillows match!

  • shattered daisies

    shattered daisies (50" x 66")
    By: Wendy B, Australia
    Blog: Sugarlane Quilts

    I did a workshop with a tutor by the name of Robyn Ginn......did much of the handwork whilst I was laid up after my knee replacement. We had to start with an 'ugly' focus fabric.......I don't think mine's ugly anymore!!!!

  • Spring - Aviv!

    Spring - Aviv! (41" x 40")
    By: Debbie, Israel
    Blog: Jerusalem Notes: Fiberwork by Debbie

    I made this quilt for a special exhibit of my local quilting group, several years ago. We had a floral theme and my quilt is named "Spring-Aviv." Aviv is the Hebrew word for Spring. I made it to brighten up a certain wall space in my home. All the applique is three dimensional, Timtex filled.

  • Spring Flowers Quilt

    Spring Flowers Quilt (35" x 45")
    By: cutepincushion@yahoo.com, California, USA

    This quilt is designed by my Quilting teacher Connie J Viner. I made it in a Spring theme. Its a wall hanging and I had soooo much fun making it. The quilt is all Appliqued in Spring colors to a white background.

  • Starlit Forest

    Starlit Forest (26" x 38")
    By: Judee, California, USA
    Blog: meinca

    When I saw this pattern in Quiltmaker magazine, I knew I had to make it. I love batiks and paper piecing. I grew up in the Pine Tree State. This is my quilt. In the winter months, it hangs in our living room.

  • The Jungle Quilt

    The Jungle Quilt (45" x 48")
    By: Amanda, Colorado, USA
    Blog: Don't Tell Quilts

    After waiting six years for this nephew I wanted to go over the top with his quilt. It has interactive animals, pieces that move, hidden animals, and texture, texture, textures. The tree trucks are corduroy, the jungle interior batik, and the leaves are batik with pinked edges. It's just fun.