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Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

  • Scrappy

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    • Total provinces: 3
    • Total states: 26

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  • #2168 Scraps

    #2168 Scraps (56" x 76")
    By: Bente, Germany
    Blog: I like to QuiltBlog

    This quilt was sewn last year as a mystery and ONLY from my batik-stash. Finished this year april 24. More pictures in this blogpost
    Here ist the link to the mystery-blog http://mysteryhappening.blogspot.de/

  • 900 Scraps and Strings

    900 Scraps and Strings (78" x 92")
    By: Gene Black, Alabama, USA
    Blog: Gene Black an Alabama Artist and Quilter

    I love trying different quilt blocks and experimenting with piecing. So I took all the extra blocks and added them to my "I got bored with it" string blocks and made a Happy Scrappy quilt. The owner loves this quilt. And I love visiting so I get to see it again -enjoying the memory of the journey.

  • A bit of sunshine

    A bit of sunshine (79" x 87")
    By: quilterbell, Ireland
    Blog: quilterbell

    I finished this quilt last February. It was so much fun to make, I use it quite a lot, it actually makes me smile when I see it on my bed, I think it is the bright colors or maybe the fact that I used so many scraps from my scrap bin!.
    I hope you like it as much as I do! Thank you for your vote!.

  • Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt

    Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt (62" x 76")
    By: Kim of Persimon Dreams, Wisconsin, USA
    Blog: Persimon Dreams

    This quilt was done using the 'free form' quilting technique. The only fabrics in the top of the quilt came from my fabric scraps. Using 9 main color themes I created the quilt you see pictured with lots of sewing, cutting, Repeat. Machine quilted lime green circles by Barb Raisbeck of QuiltsbyBarb.

  • Autumn Days

    Autumn Days (46" x 37")
    By: Joni Cook, Ontario, Canada

    This was my first scrappy sampler. I love fall and wanted to use all of my fall fabrics in this wallhanging.

  • B-day out of a box

    B-day out of a box (50" x 75")
    By: Cookie, Germany
    Blog: Cookies Treasures

    from Birthday club I been in, I received on my B-day green and brown 4" squares. For the longest time those squares lived in a box until I saw a clip at you tube and knew "thats it" Its so great to cuddle up with it now and look at all those squares and remember all the girls from the B-day club.

  • Baby bricks

    Baby bricks (45" x 60")
    By: Donna, Michigan, USA
    Blog: Quilt in Progress

    I had a great deal of fun cutting up scraps and stash to make the bricks in this quilt. I was inspired by a photo of a 1930s quilt, and I made this one in small dimensions

  • Behemith Beauty

    Behemith Beauty (120" x 120")
    By: Calicojoan, Colorado, USA
    Blog: Moose Stash Quilting

    This scrappy quilt was inspired by an online quilt group. The top is a scrappy "wagon wheel" block, and the back is a scrappy "string" block. It's put together with a "quilt as you go method"! It completely emptied out my scrap drawers, and tested my strength with its weight as it neared completion!

  • Beka's Ocean Waves - HS graduation gift

    Beka's Ocean Waves - HS graduation gift (80" x 92")
    By: Pam in KC, Missouri, USA
    Blog: Quilting and Stuff by knitnoid

    There are scraps from the first shirt I made my nieces’ oldest brother when he was born, scraps from the both quilts I made my mother, jackets I made my MIL, my blouses, probably every quilt I’ve made to date, including some I made before I really got bit by the quilting bug.

  • Bella's Dream

    Bella's Dream (50" x 72")
    By: Diana Baron, North Carolina, USA
    Blog: Sew What?

    I made this quilt for my dogs for their day time bed and as a decorator item in my sun porch. I wanted to learn paper piecing and the spider web pattern seemed to be fairly easy. I quilted my quilt on my home sewing machine. I made the dog bed from an old coffee table and baby bed mattress.

  • Cat Circles

    Cat Circles (45" x 60")
    By: Tammy Kuse, Illinois, USA
    Blog: quilt-pictures

    This is a quilt that I made in a class while learning how to use 1/4 circle templates. We were told to bring lots of light and dark fabrics that contrasted well. I brought some of my cat fabrics. Using the templates was easier than I thought and it turned out pretty well for a first timer.

  • charmed

    charmed (40" x 56")
    By: craftytammie, Kansas, USA
    Blog: craftytammie

    Floral prints and white tone on tone fabric make up this Yankee Puzzle quilt. Made from charms received in swaps and a white tonal print left from another project.

  • Chelsea's Quilt

    Chelsea's Quilt (52" x 52")
    By: Mary Lines, Washington, USA

    I made this quilt completely from my stash using a pattern for a Scrappy Trip Around the World from Bonnie Hunter's website: Quiltville's Quilts and Snips

  • Circles n' Circles

    Circles n' Circles (55" x 55")
    By: Jeanie Lemmo, Colorado, USA

    Completing a project for a local non-profit, I ended up with lots of squares, strips, etc. I decided to just start sewing...thus the middle. I then decided it would look really cool to make a circle and bind it. It looked so good, I decided it needed little neighbors attached. Now its a big family

  • Confetti Madness

    Confetti Madness (92" x 92")
    By: Ann Marie Voigt, Florida, USA
    Blog: 16 Muddy Feet

    This is a mystery quilt pattern by Bonnie K Hunter called Roll Roll Cotton Boll. It has about 5000 pieces in the top, most of which came out of my scrap bin. Thanks Bonnie!

  • Corner at 42 Street, NY

    Corner at 42 Street, NY (42" x 42")
    By: Jayardi, Wisconsin, USA

    Created for the Scraps to Treasures Challenge where all participants send in a pair of 6" squares so everyone has the same fabrics to work with. This is my take on a New York Beauty Block.

  • Crumb Patch

    Crumb Patch (63" x 80")
    By: Natasha, Pennsylvania, USA
    Blog: scraps-a-plenty

    I needed to use up some of my crumbs and wanted to incorporate them into a traditional quilt design. The center of the stars and nine-patch blocks are crumb blocks. The flying geese, and other sections of the main blocks are all from my scrap fabric stash.

  • Dakota Log Cabin

    Dakota Log Cabin (96" x 96")
    By: Kristie, Kentucky, USA
    Blog: Cowgirl Quilter

    This is a log cabin quilt that I pieced a couple of years ago, it measures 96x96. I enjoyed every bit of the process. It is made from scraps, mostly Civil War scraps and others mixed in that were left over from various other quilts. My youngest son fell in love with it so I named it after him.

  • Divided Heart

    Divided Heart (45" x 60")
    By: Sam, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Blog: Quilting Curve

    I made this quilt for my daughter out of a bag of scraps that I had acquired. She loved it at first then one day with all the dignity a five year old could muster she stated "You know, these arn't really my colours".

  • Everything...and the kitchen sink!

    Everything...and the kitchen sink! (104"" x 104"")
    By: Claire Witherspoon, California, USA
    Blog: Claire Witherspoon

    The title came about because I used up all of my 30's scraps and then, begged, barrowed and eventually 'made' more scraps in order to have enough scraps to make this quilt. This quilt and some others lead me to develop what I call "Scrap Strategies" a way of organizing and sewing scrap quilts.

  • Four Sisters for Our Sister

    Four Sisters for Our Sister (66" x 72")
    By: Nancy, North Carolina, USA
    Blog: Life Takes a Turn

    When one of our group of five adopted sisters had a heart attack, we made her a quilt with scraps from all of our stashes.

  • Friendly log cabin

    Friendly log cabin (55" x 88")
    By: Turid Bakken, Norway
    Blog: Den syende himmel

    This quilt is made from scraps I've got from my friends. Machine quilted.

  • Gaby's Quilt - Colored Scrapps

    Gaby's Quilt - Colored Scrapps (39" x 39")
    By: Gaby Fischer, Germany
    Blog: Wege-Quilts

    My friend and I made two scrappy-quilts of the same fabric for our "blogilee" - our blog's first birthday.
    And as a surprise for our followers, readers, guests, we made a photo tutorial, which is downloadable.
    It's made after a tutorial of Jenny from the MSQC.

  • Garden Party

    Garden Party (80" x 98")
    By: PAMELA Davis, Pennsylvania, USA
    Blog: VERSANA

    Floral Delight is a recently completed New Year's Eve Mystery quilt (12-31-11). I love Kaffe Fassett fabric, so I chose a couple of his fabrics along with the light purple background. This was my first long armed quilting machine experience!

  • Geese Crossing

    Geese Crossing (84" x 96")
    By: Reenie Schneeberger, New York, USA
    Blog: A Quilt Complex

    i just started making string blocks to use up my ever growing pile of them. This quilt designed itself and surprised me with every new section added to it! Love how it turned out and am working on a pattern to share of it!

  • Humble Pie

    Humble Pie (72" x 88")
    By: Victoria Carroll-Parkhill, New Hampshire, USA
    Blog: Park Hill Farm

    I named this quilt Humble Pie to celebrate that it began as lowly random scraps sewn into 4-patches as leaders and enders. My thanks to Mary Johnson (for her Easy Double 4-Patch design) and Bonnie K. Hunter (for methods). Linda Monasky of the Bear Paw Gallery in Alton, NH did the quilting.

  • In God's Eye

    In God's Eye (27" x 18")
    By: Jeri McKay, Florida, USA

    Scraps of cotton, silks and netting freemotion quilted.

    The Universe has always triggered my imagination. I am currently working on extending this series of celestial pieces.

  • Jay's Chop Suey

    Jay's Chop Suey (33" x 44")
    By: Kathleen Davies, New York, USA

    Some people collect squares, some people collect hearts. I collect strips. When I learned this neat technique called Chop Suey, I pulled out every strip of fabric that had any blue in it from my big bin. This is the result: a baby quilt for Jay.

  • Kilah's Quilt

    Kilah's Quilt (70" x 80")
    By: Karen, Arkansas, USA
    Blog: Lintonville

    This is a charity quilt made by online friends for Kilah, who was beaten, nearly to death, by her stepfather. Quilters from England, Canada and all over the US made blocks for her. Designer Kate Spain donated fabric for the borders and backing (and then some!) I quilted it on the long arm.

  • Kordova Klosure

    Kordova Klosure (108" x 100")
    By: kwiltnkats, California, USA
    Blog: kwiltnkats

    This is Bonnie Hunter's 2011 Mystery design called Orca Bay. I'm a big fan of Bonnie's designs and love her yearly mystery. I added all the red borders to make the quilt into a King. Kerry's Quilting did the fabulous quilting. Kordova Klosure was finished in June of this year.

  • Life Events

    Life Events (60" x 80")
    By: Debbie, South Carolina, USA
    Blog: Stitchin' Therapy

    A very scrappy mix using a variation of the Star Struck pattern from Bonnie Hunter, called Tropical Twist. I made this for a friend's daughter and husband after a couple of big "life events".

  • Little Boy Blue

    Little Boy Blue (52" x 52")
    By: Pam @ Hip to be a Square, Georgia, USA
    Blog: Hip to be a Square

    Little Boy Blue started as a Farmer's Wife sampler quilt, and when we heard our niece was expecting a baby boy in November, I thought these blocks would be perfect to celebrate his birth. The layout is my own design, and the checkerboard border is made entirely from my leaders & enders.

  • Little Tiles

    Little Tiles (36" x 39")
    By: Marjo B-W, Netherlands
    Blog: MBWquilts en andere stofzaken

    I was inspired by street tiles I saw in Indonesia. I started with little fabric leftovers of my quilt friends but it was so much fun to do, that I had to use my own stash as well. Check the whole story on my blog.

  • Love Quilt for handicapped children

    Love Quilt for handicapped children (150" x 190")
    By: Love Quilt for handicapped children, Sweden
    Blog: Johanna-zweden

    This quilt I made for Verdanda, a charity in Holland. who makes dreams come through, that people, have there own quilt, to love.

  • Mia's Friends

    Mia's Friends (42" x 56")
    By: Rebelette, Mississippi, USA

    I made this quilt for my then 4-year-old granddaughter Mia last Christmas. Most of the hair, bows, dresses, backing and eyes were from fabrics in my stash. The pattern is by Kerry Hoyle. Her baby brother is getting the male version this Christmas!

  • Montpensier

    Montpensier (44" x 44")
    By: Marie's quilts, California, USA
    Blog: Marie's quilts

  • No Such Thing as Ugly Fabric

    No Such Thing as Ugly Fabric (84" x 100")
    By: Louise Rynkewicz, Illinois, USA

    I used Bonnie Hunter's pattern "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" to use a lot of "ugly" fabric that had sat on my shelf for years. I particularly like the neutral strings. It is now my husband's favorite quilt and I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I didn't spend any money on new fabric!

  • north wind

    north wind (68" x 74")
    By: grace thorne, Maine, USA

    even though red is not my favorite color, i wanted to step outside my blue box and choose red. was intrigued by the display in new york earlier this year. this quilt was already in progress, which made me love it even more.

  • octagon scrappy

    octagon scrappy (88" x 89")
    By: susi, Germany
    Blog: susis quilts

    this is my octagon quilt made out of 4" squares and one black fabric .it is hand sewn over paper and handquilted.

  • On A Whim

    On A Whim (64" x 80")
    By: Vicki Welsh, Virginia, USA
    Blog: Field Trips in Fiber

    It really did start on a whim. It seemed like a good idea to try to use up a stash of 1" - 1.25" strips of fabric. Several years and 4160 pieces later I finished this quilt made up of 4" log cabin blocks. I'm glad I stuck with it because it's one of my personal favorites.

  • Orbit

    Orbit (16" x 16")
    By: Shruti, India
    Blog: 13 Woodhouse Road

    Made with Jennifer Sampou's pattern ORBIT from "We love Color". This is a sure scrapbuster!

  • Orca Bay

    Orca Bay (76" x 85")
    By: Sue's Stitchin, Indiana, USA
    Blog: Sue's Stitchin

    This is Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay mystery pattern made entirely from Goodwill shirts. The back of the quilt is all of the shirt backs.

  • Paaul's Big Boy quilt

    Paaul's Big Boy quilt (76" x 86")
    By: Julie Fukuda, Japan
    Blog: My Quilt Diary

    With my grandson now in a bed too big for his baby quilt, I went to my scrap bins and pulled out all the green and blue fabrics. Assembled into 5" blocks, and then into 10" blocks, they needed sashing to keep them better organized. This is hand sewed and hand quilted with my own design.

  • Paseando bajo la lluvia-Walking under the rain

    Paseando bajo la lluvia-Walking under the rain (16" x 16")
    By: ana-ane, Spain
    Blog: ana-ane puntasdas con gusto no....pican

    Cojín manta realizado en aplicación a puntada escondida, el acolchado está hecho a mano.

    Cushion blanket realized in application to hidden stitch, the quilted one is handmade.

  • Pineapple Blossom Quilt

    Pineapple Blossom Quilt (82" x 92")
    By: Kathy S., Ohio, USA
    Blog: Kathy's Quilting Blog

    This quilt was made from the blocks that I won in May, 2011, in the Block Lotto. The Pineapple Blossom design is by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's blog. Blocks are color controlled with each block having two yellow and two grey fabrics in each block. Pineapple blossoms are echo stitched.

  • Pinwheels and Strings

    Pinwheels and Strings (60" x 83.5")
    By: Lynn, Michigan, USA
    Blog: The Little Red Hen

    I have been working to use up small pieces of fabric from my overflowing basket of scraps. This quilt used a lot from the scrap bin. I built 6 inch base blocks of strings of fabric and then added the triangle corners. These blocks are set to form pinwheels.
    I love making scraptacular quilts.

  • Scarppy Sawtooth Stars

    Scarppy Sawtooth Stars (80" x 84")
    By: Lorraine Wiseman, Australia

    I made this scrappy quilt for a present for my mother on Mothers' Day. She loved it and used it until she died recently.

  • Scrap Happy

    Scrap Happy (83" x 97")
    By: Charming's Mama, Utah, USA
    Blog: The Charming Tyrants

    I participate in one of our local quilt shops free BOM clubs and this quilt is the happy result. Each month we received a kit to make four 6" blocks. I set the blocks in rows, alternated with a modified Irish Chain using up fabrics from my stash so the only fabric purchased was the borders and back

  • Scrappy Arrowheads

    Scrappy Arrowheads (96" x 108")
    By: QuilterinMotion, Vermont, USA
    Blog: On the Go Quilting

    My quilt was made with scraps from many other projects. The pattern, Anita's Arrowhead, was featured in a past Quiltmaker magazine and I was very interested in trying the technique. The original quilt did not have sashings but I decided it helped to offset the bright colors.

  • Scrappy Christmas

    Scrappy Christmas (80" x 120")
    By: Liz Schaffner, Germany
    Blog: Moments

    When I started to quilt (2000) I didn't have alot of different fabrics so I traded with friends and made this Scrappy Chrismtas quilt. Trading fabrics was just as much fun as sewing it.
    Every year when put it on the sofa for Christmas, I think of all the people I traded with....sweet memories!

  • Scrappy Half Log Cabin

    Scrappy Half Log Cabin (57" x 82")
    By: Sheila P, Ohio, USA

    I took a class on how to make the half-log cabin, and it was a great stash buster! It's quilted with a patriotic theme, of eagles, White House, Lincoln Memorial, etc. Fun to make!

  • Scrappy Jacobs Ladder

    Scrappy Jacobs Ladder (98" x 98")
    By: Izy Denham, United Kingdom

    I started this quilt with the intention of it being a lap quilt for my Dear Husband who was terminally ill at the time. He took such a liking to it and helped choose the final layout of the blocks, he asked me to make it big enough for us to use on our bed in his final days..which we did :)

  • Scrappy Log cabin

    Scrappy Log cabin (48" x 64")
    By: Sewgreenm, Indiana, USA
    Blog: Sewcutes's Creations

    I had never made a log cabin quilt before, and I had a lot of scraps I wanted to use. So I have scraps from almost all of my quilts (except the flannel ones) I have made. So every time I wrap up in it I can remember all my loved ones!

  • Scrappy Niners - With A Little Help From My Friends

    Scrappy Niners - With A Little Help From My Friends (90" x 103")
    By: Kaaren Biggs, Ontario, Canada

    I received 81 nine-patch blocks in a guild exchange and that's exactly how many it took to make this queen-sized quilt! I love scrappy quilts and it was hard to decide which one to enter this time!

  • Scrappy Pineapples

    Scrappy Pineapples (38" x 38")
    By: Cecilia Young, Georgia, USA

    I made this from scraps that I received from Art Gallery Fabrics. It was made for Project Linus and I used the Pineapple Ruler by Gyleen Fitzgerald to make the pineapple blocks. The border and backing was made with fabric from my stash.

  • scrappy quilt

    scrappy quilt (58" x 78")
    By: trish poolson, Mississippi, USA
    Blog: notes of sincerity

    My scrappy quilt is created with dear fabrics, and the process began as I was learning to quilt. Backed in flannel, making this quilt a warm and cozy addition.

  • Scrappy Spider Web (by Kathy in Arizona)

    Scrappy Spider Web (by Kathy in Arizona) (65" x 65")
    By: Kathy, Arizona, USA
    Blog: Kathy Quilter

    I made this quilt to use up my scraps. It won Best Scrap Quilt in my quilt guild's show. I wish I had had enough scraps to make it bigger so it could fit on my bed!

  • Scrappy Spiderweb (by Kathy in Ontario)

    Scrappy Spiderweb (by Kathy in Ontario) (67" x 67")
    By: Quilter Kathy, Ontario, Canada
    Blog: Kathy's Quilts

    I started piecing this quilt in the late 1990s, and it sat in the closet for many years because I could not match up the seams accurately. Last year I got over worrying about that and finished the quilt top! Then I free motion quilted circles in the spiderweb blocks and feather quilted the borders.

  • Scrappy Stars

    Scrappy Stars (58" x 74")
    By: Becky Peacock, Kuwait

    This pattern is from Judy Martin's book "Cookies & Quilts". I love making scrap quilts--why use 4 fabrics when you can use 40? For this quilt I challenged myself to use only fabrics from my stash, some of which are very old. Even the back is pieced!

  • Scrappy Strings

    Scrappy Strings (45" x 68")
    By: P.V. Grammy, Arizona, USA
    Blog: Grammy's Quilting

    This was just an experiment in scrappy strings.

  • Scraps for the Birds

    Scraps for the Birds (66" x 66")
    By: Doris Dove, United Kingdom

    An attempt to make a dent the ever growing scrap piles. Anything and everything went in the pineapples and the dark backgrounds are a mix of blacks and browns.

  • Stars Around the World

    Stars Around the World (59" x 59")
    By: Michelle Wyman, Georgia, USA

    Stars Around the World was made as part of an online Half Square Triangle Exchange through The Quilt Show. 396 HST's made by quilters from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia are set into a Traditional Lemoyne Star Variation. It's quilted on my A1 Longarm. I love the scrappy beauty of this quilt.

  • Teacup quilt

    Teacup quilt (80" x 90")
    By: Alison K, Pennsylvania, USA
    Blog: Little Bunny Quilts

    This quilt has 120 different teacups cut from my mom's scrap bin. Many of the fabrics are from dresses she made me and my sister when we were little or from quilts she had made. I love using this quilt because of all the memories attached to each cup!

  • The Puzzle Quilt

    The Puzzle Quilt (81" x 109")
    By: Sara Victorious, Utah, USA
    Blog: SaraVictorious

    This is a scrap quilt with only one fabric repeated, which is why I call it the puzzle quilt - it's a puzzle to find the repeated fabric. There are 1,008 2 1/2 in squares.

  • Very Scrappy

    Very Scrappy (78" x 98")
    By: Gun Adrian, Sweden
    Blog: Rutigt

    This is my first scrapquilt. 99 blocks, handquilted. I used the method "Quilt-As-You-Go", when I sew it.

  • Wonky Scrappy Little Star

    Wonky Scrappy Little Star (70" x 70")
    By: cathy@blueberry patch, British Columbia, Canada
    Blog: Blueberry Patch

    This was a lot of fun to make and used a ton of scraps! I blogged about it here


    I also wrote up a tutorial if you are interested at the same link.

  • Zig Zag Scrappy

    Zig Zag Scrappy (42" x 64")
    By: Lisa Marie, Kentucky, USA

    This quilt is my original design. It is a single block design made interesting by the color placement and by rotating every other block. I used 8 purple fabrics and about 15 of each of the other colors. This quilt was designed and made in 1 week as part of an online challenge.