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Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

  • Quilts for Dad

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  • 60. Birthday

    60. Birthday (50" x 78")
    By: sticksuse, Germany
    Blog: sticksuse

    For the 60th birthday of my Dad in 2008.
    Different Batiks from orange to brown.
    Quilted by hand.

  • A Lot Of Animals

    A Lot Of Animals (50" x 66")
    By: Marjo B-W, Netherlands
    Blog: MBWquilts en andere stofzaken

    This cosy flannel quilt I made for my father's 78th birthday. I mostly used animal pictures since he was a man who loved nature. The quilt kept him warm till he died aged 83.

  • A Scarlet and Gray Helix

    A Scarlet and Gray Helix (65" x 75")
    By: Amber T, Texas, USA

    I made this quilt to have a hint of an Ohio State theme without being too obvious. I gave it to my Dad for Christmas 2011.

  • A tribute to my Dad

    A tribute to my Dad (65" x 80")
    By: Lori @ adventures in fabric, Texas, USA
    Blog: adventures in fabric

    My Dad is such a special person. Last November I wanted to do something extra special for his birthday. I wanted to make a quilt that would embody the things that are most important to him: his faith, family, and country. The quilt has a picture on my dad and grandpa who were both military men.

  • Cowboy Up

    Cowboy Up (94" x 94")
    By: Crystal Hendrix, Utah, USA
    Blog: Hendrixville

    I created this quilt for my Dad. He is Western thru and thru. When I saw this line of fabric it fit him so well that I made him this quilt to snuggle under after his long hard days at work. I designed it so that you can feature the beautiful western ranch lifestyle print!

  • Dad's Newspaper Quilt

    Dad's Newspaper Quilt (48" x 60")
    By: Marilyn, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Blog: Comet the Quilter

    I made this quilt for my Dad two years ago - his Newspaper Quilt because Dad was always reading the paper - until his death this spring at age 90, using a huge magnifier. Black and white and "read all over". I machine pieced and quilted it (straight line) and included a cuddly red flannel back.

  • Dad's Quilt (Lynn)

    Dad's Quilt (Lynn) (75" x 75")
    By: Lynn, Oregon, USA
    Blog: Quiltn 4 Fun

    Dad has always loved dogs, used to be retrievers but now that he is retired he loves schnauzer's. I made this for him a couple of years ago for Fathers day.

  • Dad's Quilt (Tammy Kuse)

    Dad's Quilt (Tammy Kuse) (55" x 75")
    By: Tammy Kuse, Illinois, USA
    Blog: quilt-pictures.com

    This is a quilt I made for my dad. It shows all of his interests: Chicago sports teams, a cow from the farm he grew up on, computer keys, airplanes, trains, my sister and I, his grandkids, Budweiser, tools, Porsche, auto rallys, the Peanuts gang and bald eagles (his nickname was B.E. for Bald Eagle)

  • Dad's Shirts Log Cabin quilt

    Dad's Shirts Log Cabin quilt (60" x 60")
    By: Amy C, United Kingdom
    Blog: [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans

    This quilt was the second quilt I ever made. I asked my dad to send me some of his old plaid and striped shirts to be included - and he did!! It is one of my favourite quilts and never get tired of looking at it. I love the scrappy binding and cosy, masculine feel!

  • Driving in rain

    Driving in rain (94" x 78")
    By: Ann X, Latvia

    This is a picnic blanket, a birthday present for the dad of 3. For the top all recycled materials, mostly old shirts.

  • Family Tree

    Family Tree (27.5" x 47.2")
    By: Juditzsuzsanna, Belgium
    Blog: Judit Balint's Handicrafts

    This Wall Hanging is an applique quilting project which has 13 owls, flowers and leaves appliques. One day I was looking for any inspiration in order to make an amazing quilt for my dad. I found a beautiful finished project which pattern I could buy so I could realize it by myself and my dad loved..

  • First of all - airplanes

    First of all - airplanes (70" x 52")
    By: Zlata Ratskevich, Russian Federation
    Blog: ZlataR

  • Go Saints!

    Go Saints! (46" x 65")
    By: Pam, Louisiana, USA

    I made this quilt for my husband, who is a great dad! The small squares were scraps & I added sashing, borders & Saints fabrics. I also included 2 photos taken with friends while watching the Saints win the Superbowl. The photos made the gift more personal. It is my 1st completed quilt.

  • Hairy the Bushman

    Hairy the Bushman (50" x 75")
    By: Ms Lottie, New Zealand
    Blog: The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady

    Made for my Father in Law. Designed, machine appliqued and machine quilted by myself. This quilt celebrates his life in the New Zealand bush - hunting, fishing, and doing pest control work to help endangered native birds thrive.

  • His Hands Create Wonders for those He Loves

    His Hands Create Wonders for those He Loves (25" x 30")
    By: Cyarnell, North Carolina, USA
    Blog: Lucky Duck Dreams

    My Dad is awesome and very handy. He also loves our country flags and the 4th of July. This is #1 of 3 in the All-American Dad series for his birthdays on July 5th. You see his back with fireworks in the sky. Embroidered is "To the best Dab(nickname), His hands create wonders for those he loves".

  • It's a Guy Thing

    It's a Guy Thing (52" x 64")
    By: Corina Coombe, Manitoba, Canada
    Blog: cwquilts

    I've been collecting "no color" fabrics for a long time. They're kinda taupish, kinda brownish, kinda greenish, kinda little bit of all. 40 strips, 38 rectangles and some extremely long seams and the quilt is done! A version of the Jelly Roll 1600 quilt that is just perfect for the man in your life!

  • Jinny's Garden for Dad

    Jinny's Garden for Dad (96" x 90")
    By: Betty Baerg, Arizona, USA

    While walking through Jinny Beyer's Studio one day with daughter Marlene, I was inspired to make this quilt (BOM 2010) for Dad because of the flowers framed by wood looking material. Dad loves flowers and working with wood. Borders added to make King size. Quilting done by Marlene at Kissed Quilts

  • John's Racing quilt

    John's Racing quilt (81" x 55")
    By: Cheryl Parker, Illinois, USA
    Blog: Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting

    Hubby's 20th Anniversary present. Used as therapy for finger after surgery. More details on my blog.

  • Manly Quilt

    Manly Quilt (60" x 60")
    By: LizzyAstro, United Kingdom

    My Warm Wishes quilt was made for my Dad last year, his last Father's Day, and he went into hospital shortly afterwards. The backing is flannel and it was a warm, cosy covering for him that didn't slip off his bed when he needed that extra warmth. An internet friend described it as a "Manly Quilt"

  • Mustache Mini Quilt

    Mustache Mini Quilt (11" x 17")
    By: Carolyn Braun, New Jersey, USA
    Blog: Sweet Boater Chick

    I was trying to think of a fun little mini quilt that wasn't so girly, which for me is a hard thing to do. While out and about I saw some fun mustache party favors and the idea for my mini quilt was born! I appliqued the mustaches on and then quilted it up, backing it with a nice brown plaid.

  • Night Owl

    Night Owl (22" x 28")
    By: Lisa England, Kentucky, USA

    My Dad enjoys birds and nature so this pattern seemed perfect for him. When I purchased the pattern I did not know how to do needleturn applique but this pattern motivated me to learn. The quilt hangs in my Dad's wildlife themed family room. Pattern by Hahn Enterprises of Maryland.

  • Pieces of Life

    Pieces of Life (80" x 95")
    By: Flo @ Butterfly Quilting, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Blog: Butterfly Quilting

    Although this quilt was not made for my Dad, who passed away many years ago, it was made for my son, and I am very proud of the man he has grown to be.

  • Quilt for my love

    Quilt for my love (86" x 60")
    By: Ingrid Behnke, Germany

    This quilt was made from my husbandís shirts according to a Kaffe Fasset pattern.
    Last year a German quilt shop appealed for quilts for the tsunami victims in Japan, so I gave it away, as it is very warm and cosy due to a thick batting. I hope the new owner in Japan likes it and feels comfortable

  • Radioshack QR code quilt for dad

    Radioshack QR code quilt for dad (90" x 90")
    By: Beaquilter, North Carolina, USA
    Blog: beaquilter

    This was a competition for radioshack last year, but I never finished the quilt it time, I made it for my husband for christmas and supposedly the code DOES link to radioshack. I quilted with a curcuit board filler design. Designed quilt in EQ7

  • Secret Window Mystery Quilt

    Secret Window Mystery Quilt (58" x 72")
    By: Melissa, Washington, USA
    Blog: Sew BitterSweet Designs

    I wanted to make a quilt as a surprise for my husband, he walked into my studio while I was working on this and asked who it was for, I told him I didn't know and he said he really liked it. Score! He was shocked when he opened the bag. Pattern: 2011 Quiltmaker Mystery Quilt

  • signal flags for our boat

    signal flags for our boat (90" x 60")
    By: frauke.h, Germany
    Blog: patchgarden

    my husband is kaptain, we have a little yacht , the name of these boat is Johanna,
    for his kajute in the boat i make this Quilt ,

  • Space Odyssey

    Space Odyssey (60" x 70")
    By: LizzyAstro, United Kingdom

    This was the last quilt I was able to make for my Dad, but sadly he never got to see or use it, so my Mum uses it instead, knowing the love that was sewn into it. I called it "Space Odyssey" because it is full of stars. The backing is polar fleece with a night sky design of moon, stars & clouds.

  • Starry Night

    Starry Night (54" x 86")
    By: Mary on Lake Pulaski, Minnesota, USA
    Blog: Mary on Lake Pulaski

    I made this quilt for my husband who is the best Dad in the world (after my Dad)!!

  • Studly quilt

    Studly quilt (72" x 72")
    By: Vickie, Utah, USA
    Blog: Creative Notions

    This quilt was made out of Birch Bark Lodge by Holly Taylor for Moda as part of a quilt along with Kelly at Charming Chatter. It was a surprise for my husband for Christmas but I just couldn't wait and gave it to him early. He loves it! The fabric makes it very masculine.

  • Supernova for Dad

    Supernova for Dad (80" x 80")
    By: Steffi Honrath, Germany
    Blog: ...just Quilts

    I made this Lone Star quilt a few years ago as a birthday gift for my father. The name of the quilt is "Supernova". My father likes astonomy, and so I quilted some signs of the zodiac into the blue areas. White beads represent the stars. Detailed shots available in blog linked above.

  • The Big One

    The Big One (18" x 20")
    By: Linda Douglas, Montana, USA

    Neat Father's Day gift for my guy: rectangle cross stitch block framed with quilt sashing and free motion border.

  • Ties that Bind

    Ties that Bind (65" x 65")
    By: Margie Young, Texas, USA

    I made this quilt for my husband for Christmas. It is "stitched in the ditch." This quilt was made using his grandfather's, his father's, and his own ties.

  • Windmills

    Windmills (96" x 96")
    By: CathyW, United Kingdom

    I made this quilt for my Father-in-law and step-mother-in-law - with the colours to match their bedroom. When they moved house, they redecorated the new bedroom to match the quilt!! (They must like it!!)