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Quilting Gallery Newsletter – 3 February 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of the Quilting Gallery Newsletter filled with lots of quilty FUN!

Have you been over to the Quilting Gallery web site in the past couple of days to see the new version? I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s fresh and clean and reminds me of Spring. I’m also really excited to launch the latest section of the site: The Learning Center.

Here’s the star block I created for the FQ Stars quilt-along: Milo’s Star. Click the image to download the free photo tutorial.

Milos Star

Don’t forget to vote for this week’s fabulous Snowy Friends quilt contest and submit your quilt for the Quilting is Murder – Save a UFO Quilt Challenge too.

Michele Foster's Facebook profile

Until next week, happy quilting!

Michele (aka Mishka)
Quilting Gallery

The Learning Center - Hosted by Pat Sloan

Yesterday marked the beginning of the newest section for the Quilting Gallery site, The Learning Center, hosted by Pat Sloan. Each month this year, we will have a different topic and new blog posts will be published each Tuesday and Thursday. Our goal is that by the end of 2012 we will have covered all the basics of quilt making and created a fabulous resource that can be referred to over time.

While Pat is the hostess and organizer for this section, it’s really all about you. Pat will be organizing guest experts, sharing her own experience and links to fabulous tutorials and other useful information. We’ll be having link parties, featured products, Q&A sessions, give-aways and more. We hope you’ll enjoy this new section and that you’ll share your own knowledge and participate.

For the month of February, we’re tackling Studio Organization… a topic I’m sure that we can all use some help with. Our first post, Organization 101 a la Pat Sloan, will help get you started.

The Big Overhaul

Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

weekly quilt contest

It’s voting time for this week’s fabulous Snowy Friends quilt contest. There are many beautiful quilts to choose from and you can select four favourites. Plus, be sure to check out the gorgeous BOMs from Pastimes Online too.

Click here to vote!

The theme for next week’s contest is Commemorative Quilts. Submit your photo!

Quilting is Murder – Save a UFO Quilt Challenge

Quilt Challenge Save a UFO

How are you making out on rescuing a UFO from certain death? The February 11th deadline is fast approaching.

Challenge info is here and see the quilts submitted so far in the Flickr group.

More Fun! – Free Patterns

download free applique pattern download free quilting pattern download free Valentine card pattern download free applique pattern

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