Quilting Friends, with Humble Apologies

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Newsletter – 28 June 2016

I need to send you all a huge apology.

For the past month, it turns out that my shopping cart requires me to actually activate a coupon (or discount) code.

I wanted to send out this short email to you all, that may have tried to use one of my coupon codes this month, and were unable to to do so. Included below are two coupon codes that you can use to purchase my patterns.

The End of the – Small and Sweet – Mini Quilt Club

This year, I’ve had the pleasure to work with the very talented designer, Jacquelynne Steves, to bring to you the Small and Sweet Mini Quilt Club. Here are the SIX designs created for this Club:

Small and Sweet Mini Quilt Club

While this Club is now complete, you can still purchase Club Membership at a $5.00 discount. Just enter the coupon code of: small, on the checkout page on my site.

Purchase CLUB Membership

Quilt Canada Visitors

During my recent Quilt Canada adventure, I gave out thousands, upon thousands, of business cards that included a $5.00 OFF coupon code, for use on my site.

I must admit, humbly, to being very devastated that not ONE person had chosen to use the coupon code on my site.


As I’ve discovered today, due to a technical glitch on my site, the coupon code was not activated. You have NO IDEA, how devastating this is to me, as a small business owner. Every single sale, helps me to stay in business.

If you were one affected by this, please enter the discount code of: bizcard, to receive $5.00 off ANY of my designs, patterns, booklets, etc., at my site Aiming For Accuracy Pattern Co. Even if did not attend the show, you can use this coupon to purchase any of my designs.

Shop My Patterns

Happy quilting,

Michele (aka Mishka)
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