A Real Life Look “Behind the Scenes” of a Quilt Pattern Designer

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Newsletter – 17 September 2016

Hello Quilting Friends,

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September. Time really does FLY BY. The unofficial end of Summer (the Labour Day long weekend), seems so far away. In this email, I want to give you a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” LOOK at the things I’ve been working on so far this month:

  • I’ve been focussing much of my efforts on cleaning up and increasing the Speed that my Aiming for Accuracy web site is delivered to you, for both Desktop and Mobile users.
  • I’ve also been re-branding and re-formatting several of my free tutorials, including my Fall-inspired Maple Leaves tutorial, that you can download here:


I just need to stop this list here to share with you what happened to me yesterday.

As I was preparing this newsletter for sending out last night, when I went to grab the above links, for my free Maple Leaves Tutorial, I discovered that my site was completely broken. Every single link clicked on my site, ONLY led to the homepage of my site. I was unable to access any of my individual pages of my web site.

After spending an hour trying to debug the situation, to no avail, and being super exhausted, I sent an email to my system administrator, in the hopes that he could figure out what the problem was.

He works most evenings, so I didn’t feel bad emailing him at 9:00 pm. I woke up this morning to an email from him, sharing what he had been able to uncover, and also that, he had not been able to solve the actual problem.

So, my morning, today, was spent evaluating what he had done/tried overnight, and coming up with alternative scenarios for me to pursue. Thankfully, his research led me in a direction to find out exactly what was causing the problem, and I was able to fix the situation in short order.

SIGH! … the never-ending struggles of being a small web-based business. Sometimes, technology and technical solutions, just “bite us in the butt”. I hope that you, as a consumer, can be empathetic in your dealings with me, and others like me, and understand that as small businesses, like myself, that we are always just trying to do our best.

Continuing on with my “behind the scenes” LOOK at the things I’ve been working on so far this month:

  • I have in stock 12 of my patterns available, for purchase by Independent Quilt Shops, in print format. If this is YOU, please send me an email to discuss setting up a Wholesale Account.
  • I’ve also been working on our 2016/17 Skill Building Quilt-Along. I’m so excited to get working on this new quilt-along design. More SOON, I promise.

I have you will continue to share my journey with you, as I look to the future.

Craftsy’s Farewell to Summer Sale

Our wonderful friends at Craftsy are having a Farewell to Summer Clearance Sale on many of their fabrics and kits. Below are my favourite Fabric deals:

Benartex Sale

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Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

Michele (aka Mishka)
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