Be a Guest Blogger

Please note: I’m currently not accepting any new guest blogger posts at this time. This program may resume in the Fall 2012.

First, read other Guest Blogger posts to get an idea of what others have written about.

I don’t have any specific guidelines and I am pretty much open to whatever you would like to write about. I do ask that it not be too commercial or hard-sell in nature. That’s not to say you can’t mention your business adventures, you certainly can, as part of the overall write-up. (I accept advertising, so if you’d like to write specifically about your product or business, drop me an email to discuss.)

Here are some ideas on what you could write about:

  • your own quilting history, how did you get started quilting
  • what do you love and/or hate about the process
  • where you are from, where you’ve been, where you’re going
  • what you’ve done, awards won, contests entered, personal achievements (smile on a grandchild’s face!)
  • what technique(s) do you want to learn this year, or further perfect
  • if you blog, why?
  • met anyone famous from the quilting world?
  • do you have a mentor or idol, if so, who and why?
  • charity efforts, teaching events, retreats, cruises, etc.

Everyone loves to see photos, so I encourage you to include a few with your submission (no more than six please). Please submit photos with a minimum size of 400px wide and a maximum width of 550px.

Links to your site(s) should be included in the write up, just put them in brackets, and I’ll link them correctly.

If you’d like to offer a free gift as a contest to readers that answer a question in the comments, that would be fantastic. It’s not required, but appreciated. Contests and asking readers questions always get more response. You would be responsible to ship the prize to the lucky winner.

Content should be written directly in the email you send to me as plain text, or as an attached text document. Please do not use MS Word or another publishing program. Do not embed your write up in the email. Have questions, please ask first!

Ideally, I’d just like to copy and paste the text and not have to edit it in anyway. I do reserve the right to edit and/or refuse to post anything submitted. If you are in doubt if what you wish to talk about is acceptable or not, just email me first.

If you’d like to participate as a guest blogger, please send me an email to discuss.

Guest Blogger

Please only use the images below if you have been a Guest Blogger on this site. You will need to replace the web site address with the link directly to your post, i.e. /category/guest-bloggers/.

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Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

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I'm a Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery