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Coming Soon… Free Quilt Block Tutorials


I’m so excited to announce a new feature for this site that will be starting next weekend. It’s called Block Library. Each week, I will be sharing the instructions for completing a quilt block in 6″ and 12″ finished sizes. You can make all of the blocks, or pick and choose blocks to use in your own quilt.

This is not a quilt-along! No quilt layout will be provided and there are no fabric requirements available. I am making each block in both sizes. One version of my blocks will be done using a gorgeous collection of batiks in purples, pinks and greens. The other version is scrappy from my stash.

PDF tutorials will be available for you to download and save the block tutorial for future use. The block tutorials will be free for a minimum of one month.

Below are four of the first blocks that I’ll be sharing. Which block would you like to learn how to make first? There’s a poll below the pictures, please select your option.

Block #1

Block #1

Block #2

Block #2

Block #3

Block #3

Block #4

Block #4

Select your option by clicking on the block # below.

Which block do you want to see featured first?

  • Block #4 (50%, 357 Votes)
  • Block #3 (21%, 148 Votes)
  • Block #1 (15%, 110 Votes)
  • Block #2 (14%, 102 Votes)

Total Voters: 717

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18 Responses to “Coming Soon… Free Quilt Block Tutorials”

  1. Shelor Robin says:

    I love all of them, but why not just start with number 1 and go from there? :-)

  2. Eileen menke says:

    Looking forward to the blocks and tutorials.

  3. Lori Smanski says:

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you to all who are putting this together. I am loving learning how to put blocks together so they look really wonderful. I look forward to this.

  4. Carol Santa says:

    Great Idea, looking forward to learning all of the wonderful blocks and so nice that they are free.

  5. Mary Weber says:

    I agree with comment #1…..why not just start at block #1 and go through them in order?

  6. carla bynum says:

    Hi!!!! Wonderful!!!! Thank You!!!! I have to gather some more fabric!!!!!

  7. Nadine says:

    Great idea. I hope the name of the block will be included with the tutorial.

  8. LaVonne says:

    Can’t wait. I am a beginner intermediate. Some come easy some don’t. It will be great. Thanks

  9. Barbara says:

    I’ll join the others …… Just start at block one and go forward.

  10. Melanie says:

    Wow Michele where do you find the timr? I’m so pleased you do though. What a great new adventure. Thank you

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Michelle I love to have your free quilt. I have the last one you put on Craftsy. Start with no. 1 I think and go until we have all of them. Thank you.

  12. Susana says:

    Looking forward for the 1st block, how exciting this is going to be

  13. Shirley says:

    Looking forward to all the blocks. You can always learn something new, I’m like a sponge. Let’s just start at one and go through the list.

  14. Caroline says:

    Fantastic idea I really enjoy creating star blocks all sizes they create really nice quilts
    thank you very much for making this possible

  15. Slater says:

    I feel that starting from #1 leads into the more complicated blocks!

  16. Billie Kneen says:

    Can’t wait until Thursday when you publish the first block. Thanks Michelle

  17. Denise says:

    I agree with numbers 8, 6 and 1.

  18. Carol says:

    I have signed up but have only been able to download the 1st block. How do I get the others?

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