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Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along: Fabric Requirements


The Aiming for Accuracy quilt-along (QAL) was held in the Summer/early Fall of 2013. The lessons, blocks and detailed photo tutorials have been removed from this site and are now available for sale as a complete booklet.

Find out more about it here: Aiming for Accuracy Booklet.


I’m so excited to finally share with you the fabric requirements for the upcoming Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along. I’ve been busy the past week, finalizing the design, figuring out the math, doing several test blocks, and planning out the lessons. The quilt finishes at 58″ x 82″ and contains 30 blocks and a few single units.

Here are a couple of pages from my QAL notebook:


Here’s the final design:


This is a complex design, in terms of planning, but not in the actual sewing and putting together. I consider this to be an advanced beginner’s quilt. However, no need to be overwhelmed, as the most complicated unit is quarter square triangles. The entire quilt is pieced, no paper piecing, no y-seams and no partial seams.

Skills needed include the ability to accurately sew a 1/4″ seam allowance and accurate cutting so that the puzzle-like design will fit together correctly. I will be providing step-by-step photo instructions for each lesson and tips along the way too.

Fabric Requirements

  • 6 yards of assorted prints (see additional note below)
  • 3 yards of contrasting fabric (see additional note below)
  • 3/8 yard for border squares or (64) scrappy patches cut at 2.5″
  • 5/8 yard for binding (with a 2.5″ cut width)
  • 3 3/4 – 4 yards for backing (see additional note below)
  • 66″ x 90″ batting (allows for 4″ extra on each side)

Assorted prints: The 6 yards represents 24 fat quarters which will give you a good variety of prints to use. You will have some leftovers, but they can be used for the backing. You should be able to get by with only 20 fat quarters, but you’ll have to be really careful.

Contrasting fabric: I’m using black for my QAL version. I’m also working on a test version with 1930s prints where I’m using white. I’ll share photos of this version in a couple of days. You need a good contrasting fabric so that the design stands out.

Backing fabric: The yardage is based on having a middle scrappy strip that is approximately 10″ in height. If you don’t like/want this strip, and need help figuring out the yardage for a 58″ x 82″ finished quilt, let me know and I’ll update the measurements to make the best use of your fabric.

If you need help deciding on your fabrics, please post a photo in the Flickr Group or the Facebook Group and I’ll provide comments.

Here are my fabrics:


I’m using Pat Sloan’s upcoming line, Bobbins & Bits. Thank you to Moda Fabrics and Pat for allowing me to play with these beautiful fabrics. I’m just in love with the batiks from this collection. The red diagonal will be used for both the border squares and the binding.

Pat’s also quilting along with us and she’ll be using the cotton prints from the same line shown below. The fabric will be available later this summer, be sure to ask your favourite local retailer to order it now.

Pat Sloan fabric for sew along v1

Pat Sloan fabric for sew along v2

For my test version, this is the fabric bundle of 1930s prints that I chose from my stash. This is a busy collection, but I’m happy with how it’s turning out. I’ll share photos of this version of the design in the next few days.


More Quilt-Along Info:

The official quilt-along will get started June 20th, 2013 and last 16 weeks. However, if needed, I will add another week to the schedule to allow participants to catch up before the last four weeks when we start joining all the bits together. Additionally, there will be two other upcoming posts: June 6 – Recommended notions & products for improved accuracy and June 13 – Beginners’ tips and cutting instructions for background (contrast) fabric.

I have planned the lessons so that we complete the largest blocks, that use the most fabric, first. With Lesson 9, I’ve started to repeat fabrics already used in other blocks and balance my colours, as needed, for an overall cohesive look.

Everyone can join the quilt-along and the lessons/tutorials will be available for free until October 31st. I’ll be creating a booklet with all of the lessons at the end.

There will be weekly prizes!

Wanted: I’m looking for some lovely quilting-related prizes for the upcoming quilt-along. Patterns, quilting notions, fabric, gift certificates, all would be much appreciated. You’re responsible to ship directly to the winner (could be world-wide). Email me please!

Quilt-Along Links:

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77 Responses to “Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along: Fabric Requirements”

  1. Anne Wiens says:

    This is me pouting. I want to use Pat’s “Bobbins and Bits” NOW! For THIS quilt! ;0)

  2. Mishka says:

    LOL …. I know! Her fabric is so beautiful. You could always save the lessons and play catch-up once it arrives.


  3. Anne Wiens says:

    It’s definitely going in a “cover quilt” for one of my upcoming patterns. I love the orange and green with gray.

    I think for “Aiming for Accuracy” I’ll try to work out of my Thrifty Quilter scrap bins as much as possible.

  4. Vi says:

    I am glad you are using ’30s prints as that is what I MAY be using. Love the Bobbins and Bits…hard time deciding if I like the batik…or cotton fabric :(

  5. Kerri Hunter says:

    I too would love to use pat’s new Bobbins & Bits but not sure if I can get it here is Australia where can I order it from in the US to get it shipped over to me?
    By the way I am so looking forward to this QAL I made 3 quilts from your last one.

  6. Melanie says:

    Kerri – the fat quarter shop will stock it (I buy a lot from here as it works out heaps cheaper – even when postage is added – I’m in South Australia).
    I think I’ll collect the patterns and wait for “cotton Bobbins and Bits” to be released.
    I’ve added the logo to my blog :)
    The quilt looks divine Michele – can’t wait to start.

  7. Melanie says:

    Oops – I didn’t leave a link to my blog -http://pinnylea.blogspot.com.au/

  8. Kirsten says:

    I’m looking forward to joining in!

    Do you have any suggestions for clusters of colors together – how many light/medium/dark to strive for?

    Cheers, K


  9. Mary Deeter says:

    I’m looking forward to joing in too!! Sharing the info of this quilt along with my sewing buddies! :)

  10. Bec Clarke says:

    I am really looking forward to this
    Blogged here:

  11. Cathy S says:

    I can’t wait to get started on this Quilt – Along. I learned so much with last years.
    Thank you


  12. Eileen Keane says:

    Thank you for doing this QAL! There were 2 things I was determined to do this year. First, improve my hand applique; second, improve my piecing accuracy. I’m pulling my hair out over my applique, but I’m going to make this quilt with you.
    Where do we sign up?

  13. Jude G. says:

    So excited! All items I need to perfect…..my 1/4 seams are none too accurate : ( …………………and that fresh green Bobbins & Bits is just the thing. I will start with scraps as well and wait for Bobbins and Bits since I too tend to “Run with Scissors “!
    I really appreciate the time you have put in

  14. Theresa Litz says:

    This looks like a fun way to spend the summer….plus I always enjoy having a legitimate excuse to look through and play with my stash of fabrics. Quilting and prizes…life can’t get much better than this!!


  15. Juile E. says:

    I added your logo and post a blog about the quilt along on my website: http://sweet-quilt-n-bee-shoppe.blogspot.com/2013/06/aiming-for-accuracy-quilt-along.html

    This will be a fun quilt!

  16. Mishka says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    That’s a great question. I have to admit I rarely ever think in terms of light/medium/dark when choosing fabrics, at least not consciously. I tend to look at fabric more in terms of blending nicely with each other and maintaining cohesive value among my selection. I look at scale of prints too and will they work well together when cut up.

    Now that doesn’t really answer your question. You’ll want to pick 24 FQs that work well together and most importantly that contrast very well with the solid (background) that you’ll be using. Your solid should act as an anchor, a place for your eye to rest, and look nice with the FQs. You don’t want the background to compete with the blocks. Now that’s just my opinion, I always like a solid, but I know other quilters who do great stuff using busier palettes.

    Here’s an excellent series on choosing fabrics:


    We’ve been talking about fabrics on Facebook too:



  17. Deborah DeBerry says:

    I don’t have a blog. Just devour all that I can find. How will that work if I have no way to show progress, if there is progress? I think you can tell that I am not computer literate., but am willing to try. I pinned you to my pinterest page and will share on my facebook timeline, since I have added you to my facebook likes. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

  18. Mishka says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Come join us on Facebook, I set up a group where we’re chatting and sharing.


    For the weekly prizes, you don’t need a blog to enter. You’ll be able to upload your photos directly to the Quilting Gallery site to be eligible. I’ll share more info about this as it gets closer.


  19. A.G. Lindsay says:

    I put the logo on my site, but I haven’t written anything about it yet. (I usually post on Thursdays and I only found this today (Monday). It sounds like a lot of fun!

  20. CĂ©line says:

    Hello! I’m glad to join you for another quilt-along this year. My fabrics are brightfut. I add your logo on my site. Hope more people will join you. Thank you!

  21. corinne says:

    I’m in this looks like fun

  22. Kathy S. says:

    I blogged about it today at:

    So glad you started a facebook group too! Can’t wait to get cutting!

  23. Carla says:

    I would also love to use Pat’s pretty fabric. This is one line I will definitely beg the quilt shop to order. Carla

  24. Debbie says:

    This is awesome….I have some fq’s that have just been waiting…lol. Will recheck the stash to add to them. This is going to be fun….hugs. Debbie

  25. Deborah says:

    I’ve got the button on my blog! :)

    pinkscissorsdesign @ gmail .com

  26. Angela S says:

    I’m joining in. I have a lovely fat quarter from Connecting Threads ( I’ve been looking for something to do with it) I’m using. Now to decide on my solid, I might go with black also. Hummmm, decisions decisions.


  27. Reese says:

    I am joining in! I can’t wait. I plan on doing blues and oranges with a black background.


  28. Ellen Williams says:

    I have added the Quilt Along Logo to my Blog page I am hoping to be able to keep up with it.

  29. I have added the button to my blog, http://www.evapaigequiltdesigns.blogspot.com, and will do a post later today to share that I am joining in! I am thinking I will do batiks with a black or maybe yellow background.

  30. Cynthia Zoller says:

    I’m in. I just went to the Keepsake Quilting Annual Sale and brought back lots of batiks. This will be the perfect way to jump in and use them!

  31. Anna Dzik says:

    I’m in. I don’t blog as often as I should and I will have the button added on the weekend! Quilt looks great!

  32. Vi says:

    HI everyone!!

    I am trying (so hard) not to buy any more fabric.

    I don’t have 24 FQ. However I do have 2 charm packs, a layer cake and a jelly roll. These are all “Cat for all Seasons”..least I think that is is name of it..lol. Can anyone tell me if they think this will be close to 24 FQ??

    I can always search through my stash to see if I can come up with a couple of fabrics to go with them. Or maybe I will just have to go buy a couple FQ.

    Thanks to all who help/answer :)

  33. Mishka says:

    Hi Vi,

    I don’t think it will work. You need enough fabric that is the same to cut the required pieces for the design of each block. A layer cake is just not big enough. The charms and jelly roll will work for a couple of the small blocks/units, but not for the majority of the design.

    You’d be better off saving those pre-cuts for a pattern that works well with them. The QAL design isn’t one.


  34. debbie w says:

    Hi, I am Debbie W.

    I would like to join in. I have a blog and I have done a post mentioning joining in and also showing my fabric selection, all ready to go! I hope I will be able to keep up even though I am not on Facebook and have no plans to go there. I have been quilting since 1973, but this is my very first Quilt Along. Excited! xx Debbie w

  35. Love, love this quilt. I just blogged it and I’m looking forward to joining in on FB as well. Thanks so much for such a stunning quiltalong.


  36. Vanessa says:

    I have blogged about the quilt along on my blog, a very new blog!

    Thank-you for reigniting my quilting mojo!

  37. Alison Saunders says:

    I have not gotten my fat quarters yet, but I will as soon as I finish quilting my baby quilt and graduation quilt on Friday. I hope to get caught up then.

  38. Ruth Funk says:

    Ready to cut! All washed and pressed. I started a blog, did two posts and forgot where it is.. I guess I don’t have one :) Too busy quilting for that!

  39. Jamie says:

    This is going to be fun!

  40. Wendy B says:

    All ready to start Michele…..like I said….I can’t wait!!!! :)


  41. Brenda A says:

    I am so excited I can’t sleep! This is the first time I’ve ever joined a group that would be working on the same project I’m working on at the same time! I can’t wait to see how everyone’s turn out! Good luck to all of you!

  42. Cleary Kipe says:

    I Blogged about it in a couple of my posts but here is the first one http://cieangel.blogspot.com/2013/06/aiming-for-accuracy-quilt-long.html
    I still need to get my contrast fabric so I can get that step cut out. :-)

  43. I posted about the quilt on my blog today.!!


    thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Yes, I’ve blogged about the quilt along on my blog:) Also added the button to my side bar.

  45. Debbie says:

    I’m trying to decide if I should do this one now or later, have a lot of other things that need done first!!

  46. Delia Hardcastle says:

    Wow, the anticipation for the quilt-along is building. I’m clearing out my scraps to make room for the upcoming Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along and have blogged about it: . Thanks to all for the learning pages on widgets–I had no idea it was that easy! Thanks to Michele Foster for all her hard work! xx

  47. Carol says:

    I am going to quilt along with you, but will have to start in mid-July after all my commitments are cared for. Hope to catch up quickly! I love the design.

  48. Carol says:

    I did put the Quilt Along link on my blog.

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