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Quilters’ Show & Tell: Quilted Pillows

Quilters' Show & Tell

The theme for this week’s Quilters’ Show & Tell event is Quilted Pillows. Any size and quilting style is acceptable. Unfinished pillows are welcome as well.

Read the Guidelines and submit your photo before Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. (EST) Thursday at midnight (EST).


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Guest Judges

The guest judges for this week are Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works and Sarah from Sew Joy Creations. They’ll both have 100 bonus points to award to their favourite quilt(s). I asked them both, what they’re working on, and here’s what they told me…

Jackie – Canton Village Quilt Works

As of late, I have been very busy making and finishing sample quilts for my trunk show and classes. It has been wonderful to actually see my quilts getting finished! This is such a thrill for me because for 12 years I had been quilting for customers and not really quilted any of my own tops. The tops were accumulating and really needed to become quilts and now they are and it is a dream!!


I have been teaching a great deal in my newly opened classroom/studio and have been having a fabulous time doing so. The best feature there are the wall to wall design walls!! I just adore seeing them with students’ quilts all over them… it is a fantastic feeling. There is also a sense of satisfaction and gratification of seeing my students succeed in a new technique and really catch on!! Gotta love that.


Also, I have been doing tons of revamping in the online quilt shop as well as continuing to design for various quilting magazines. Three designs are going to be published within the next month. Even though I have been designing for magazines for 3.5 years it is still a thrill to see my designs in print. Lots of neat things coming up too that I can’t talk about just yet… shhhhh….


Visit Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works!

Sarah – Sew Joy Creations

Greetings, quilters! I’m working on 3 main projects right now, two newer ones and one UFO. First up is a baby quilt for my newest nephew who is expected at the end of April. I followed the latest quilt along at the Temecula Quilt Co. and used some stash to make it. I’m down to making my last row of blocks and deciding on my sashing strips. My husband thinks I should use solids to break up all the busyness of the varied scraps. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have enough of my white sashing fabric to make the two side borders. I’ll know soon;)

auditioning solids for baby quilt

I also had to dive into Pat Sloan’s latest scrap project! For now this pattern is only available in her newsletter (so you might want to subscribe at her blog :) I’ve got my 20 scrap blocks made – here’s just a few of them on my design wall. Next up is to figure out if I want to make the quilt any bigger as it might be for my daughter’s new double bed. Then I have to calculate my sashing fabric very carefully to see if I have enough of the same black to make my blocks ‘float’. I love the look of floating blocks but rarely plan ahead to have enough fabric. I’m hoping to get this figured out this week so I can keep up and have the quilt close to done by my daughter’s birthday at the end of March.

4 scrappy 2.5

The UFO that I’m working away on is for me! It’s called Halloween 1904 by Blackbird Designs. I love orange and this quilt makes me smile to work on it. I’m putting it together in a ‘quilt as you go’ method, making the large 20 inch blocks into panels that I’m quilting individually then sewing together. I have my first panel done and the next one waiting. My biggest challenge has been to stay organized with this project so that there is always something ready to work on when I have a few minutes of quilting time.

block 11 white pumpkin

What I’m working on RIGHT NOW is learning to enjoy my new camera! What better way to test it out than to create a tutorial featuring a pillow for this week’s challenge. I’m working out of the house full time at the moment so I don’t have a lot of time for making something new.

my new camera

This little carrot applique has been sitting in my drawer for almost 2 years now. I knew I didn’t have time to enlarge it and make a big pillow – so how about a Mini Carrot pillow. I’m making mine look a little more primitive, a look I’m drawn to right now, but carrots in Spring can be bright and playful too! The pillow can sit on a shelf, hang from a doorknob or hook, or maybe find a home with a special doll. Enjoy!

mini carrot tutorial photo

Visit Sarah at Sew Joy Creations!

Last Week’s Quilters’ Show & Tell

Thanks to everyone that entered quilts and voted for last week’s Quilts with Snowy Friends Show & Tell event.

Guest Judges

Here’s how the guest judges awarded their bonus points:

Amanda from The Patchsmith awarded her bonus points as follows:

50 points – Snowman Quilt – 50 + 139 = 189 points
25 points – Snow Lady – 25 + 28 = 53 points
25 points – Winter Welcome – 25 + 57 = 82 points

Jennifer from Sewhooked awarded her bonus points as follows:

25 points – Friends – 25 + 116 = 141 points
25 points – Snowman Quilt – 25 + 189 = 214 points
25 points – January in Upper Michigan – 25 + 184 = 209 points
25 points – Dressing For Winter – 25 + 135 = 160 points


The winning quilt is Snowman Quilt by Vickie which received 214 community & guest judge votes:

Snowman Quilt

The winner from the comments is #123 Wendy:



They both won some pretty fabric donated by Katy, who blogs at Plethora of Pinatas.

Quilters’ Show & Tell Links

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3 Responses to “Quilters’ Show & Tell: Quilted Pillows”

  1. Rita J. McCart says:

    Just uploaded my pillow. Hope it’s a winner! :)

  2. I enter a pillow this week. It was fun to make. Hope everyone likes it!

  3. Sue says:

    I’ve been looking at and sometimes voting on the quilts here for a while now. Very inspirational!!! I entered today for the first time, I love making pillows!!!

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