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Quilters’ Show & Tell: Winter Landscapes

Quilters' Show & Tell

Hi everyone! My apologies for the delay in this post, it’s one of those weeks! The theme for this week’s Quilters’ Show & Tell is Winter Landscapes. As freezing rain falls outside and I’m grateful not to have to travel tonight, I’m looking forward to seeing this week’s beautiful quilts. The quilt you submit can be any style and technique and it does NOT have to be finished either.

To enter, read the guidelines then submit your quilt photo here! You have until Friday, February 1st at 2:00 p.m. (EST) to enter. Voting will start shortly after and last until Monday, February 4th at 2:00 p.m. (EST). Note the updated times for this week only.


To sponsor a weekly Quilters’ Show and Tell event, please send me an email and I’ll send you the information package. Check available dates here.

Guest Judges

The guest judges for this week are Soma from Whims and Fancies and Victoria from Bumble Beans. They’ll both have 100 bonus points to award to their favourite quilt(s). I asked them both, what they’re working on, and here’s what they told me…

Soma – Whims and Fancies

Hello everyone! I am Soma and I blog at Whims And Fancies. I can’t get enough of beautiful winter landscapes and I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s quilts on this theme.

I love to design paper piecing patterns, so almost all of my quilts are paper piecing projects. Other than regular swaps with my friends at Flickr, making small gifts for friends and working on quilts for little critters are a few of the quilting projects I like to work on.

Currently I am working on a music mini-quilt. I just finished making the blocks for it last week – a cello, a violin and a grand piano. Since I love to see my quilts being used, my cats will end up using this one as well…

The Rainbow Star is my first project playing with the color wheel and I rather enjoyed it. The wall hanging top now needs to be quilted…

I am waiting on batting and backing to finish this Take 5 quilt for my husband. This is my first traditionally pieced quilt…

Until now my ideas have always been one step ahead of me, so there are other paper piecing projects that are waiting for me around the corner. I am going to start working on them within the next couple of weeks.

I am also hosting a blog hop in Spring. Come join me in April for a month-long Spring Fling.

Victoria – Bumble Beans

Hi All! Victoria here from Bumble Beans! As usual, I have several irons on the stove…But I think I work best with a lot on my plate. This past week has been all about service.


So, what did I do this week? I delivered a quilt to JoeTorre to support his 10 year anniversary of the Safe at Home Foundation. This NYC icon of a man, and his wife, have dedicated ten years to helping at risk teenagers find a safe place at school. A place where kids can come together talk about what struggles they have at home, at school or in their communities, and find power with in each other to do the right thing. I worked last year with many of the kids in the program, to make quilt blocks depicting, “What is SAFE.” Some kids had a hard time thinking of anything, many said music, friends, or a good book. I became stronger just listening to their stories.


The next thing I did was deliver 150 Quilts & Coats through my Bumble Beans BASICS program. The women and children are in a rehab facility that is run through the Acacia Network, the organization I collaborated with two years ago, to bring quilts to the families that are going through the Transitional Housing program. The families removed from shelters and given the basics needed to become a contributing member of their community. If you have ever given a quilt to my program, I owe you a hug, and a huge thank you.


As for sewing, I have a fun quilt challenge I’m working on using vintage tea towels up at 15minutesplay.com. My panel is a vintage “Vera Bradley” calendar towel from the year of my birth! It is ORANGE, my favorite color! So that is keeping me excited and energized during these cold blustery days we have had this week.


I also have plans to baste a quilt top to quilt this week, so I can snuggle up with my family as we now head into what is a very late “Winter” in NYC. It seems appropriate that I should now be judging your winter themed quilts! Good luck, and Happy sewing!

Make time to PLAY! It is good for your creative soul!

Last Week’s Quilters’ Show & Tell

Thanks to everyone that entered quilts and voted for last week’s New Beginnings Show & Tell event.

Guest Judges

Here’s how the guest judges awarded their bonus points:

Thearica awarded her bonus points as follows:

50 points to Evolution by Jenny, bringing the total points up to 66+50 = 116
30 points to Nature’s Pirouette by Kris, bringing the total points up to 115+30 = 145
20 points to Beginners Quilt by Diane, bringing the total points up to 25+20 = 45

Kim awarded her bonus points as follows:

50 points to Evolution by Jenny, bringing the total points up to 116+50 = 166
30 points to It’s Hip to be Square by Diane, bringing the total points up to 15+30 = 45
20 points to Beginners Quilt by Diane, bringing the total points up to 45+20 = 65


I am giving away both copies of the Quilters’ Cookbooks to the top two winning quilts as well as two entries from the comments.

The winning quilts are Evolution by Jenny with 166 votes …


and Nature’s Pirouette by Kris with 145 points.

Nature's Pirouette

The winners from the comments are #1 Yvonne



and #21 Lis:



Contest Links

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2 Responses to “Quilters’ Show & Tell: Winter Landscapes”

  1. Jenny H says:

    Thank you so much guest judges
    I was introduced to this site through Bunny from Canada. This is my first quilt photo and I did not expect to win.
    Thanks so much everyone for your votes, this is an awesome site, and I will be showing more of my work.
    Cheers all Jenny

  2. Kris says:

    Oh Thank you so much! This is so exciting. This is such a great site. I am so happy that you connect up our blogs and sites too. I am new to the blogging world and new to showing my quilting work. Thanks again!

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