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Coming Soon: Happy 5th Birthday – Quilter’s Blog Hop Party

It’s our birthday … soon … and we’re having a PARTY to celebrate. Join us!


Our 5th birthday is just around the corner on December 10th, so to celebrate I’m hosting another Blog Hop Party. You’re invited to help us celebrate and most of all to have some FUN!

Info and registration here!

Blog Hop Party

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon: Happy 5th Birthday – Quilter’s Blog Hop Party”

  1. Kent Knight says:

    I retired recently due to some health concerns. I have a few quilts that were made for me and my wife when we were married 35yrs. My mother taught me how to stitch quilt and challenged me to make 7 stitches in 1 inch. I won several times . Before my mother in law passed away she made a baby quilt for our 3 children when they had children. I know I can’t sew that much any more because of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I noticed this heat fuse able product and I am looking for a demonstration on how to use it. If I see it I CAN DO IT. I will be watching. I have 4

  2. Kent Knight says:

    sorry I can”t always control my hands. So I have 4 tops and bottoms ready to make so I will be watching and reading how to use heat fusing for “NO Sew ” quilt. THX

  3. Mishka says:

    Hi Kent,

    I only know of a fusible batting that you can use to heat set the layers together. However, the quilt still needs to be quilted as the fusible washes out. I don’t know of anything else. My suggestion, talk to your local church or quilt guild and see if you can hire someone to finish those treasured quilts for you.


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