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Pet Lovers Unite! Critter Card Project


Hi friends, it’s Milo here tonight.

What do you think of my new hair cut? Mom did it herself. I, of course, was an absolute angel and sat patiently while she came at me with those big huge scissors. I got her back though and ran around the apartment like crazy while she tried to catch me for bath time.

Really, I have no idea why she thought this needed to be trimmed and cleaned up:


Or this, I was going for the Tough Guy look:


Well, here I am all sweet and innocent looking. I sure do gets lots of attention when we’re outside walking.


Anyway, enough about me. I was reading blogs and found something I think you’ll want to know about.


You know that big huge quilt show that happens in October/November, Quilt Festival? Well, this year, they are looking for quilters to make 4″x6″ postcards, called Critter Cards, that will be displayed and sold at quilt show with all proceeds going to Houston-area animal shelters. Isn’t that just awesome! You don’t have to attend the show to participate, you mail in your postcards to Pokey Bolton.

Visit Pokey’s Ponderings for all the info.

Hope you’ll send in a few in honour of your own furry family members. Mom’s going to make two to send. One that’s for me, and one in memory of Pal, Daniel & Slade, her three kitties.

I’m off to see if I can’t steal the toilet paper roll.

Puppy kisses!

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3 Responses to “Pet Lovers Unite! Critter Card Project”

  1. Nancy says:

    I love Milo’s little smile in the first photo. What an adorable pup!

  2. Dana Gaffney says:

    Tough guy look indeed, sorry but you’re just too cute. I read about that postcard idea and love it too. Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Connie says:

    Milo looks cute all the time…..with or without a haircut!! I’m off to check out the info on the postcards, what a wonderful cause!

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