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Guest Blogger: Linda Ezuka

Please join me in welcoming today’s guest blogger Linda Ezuka from Quilting Under The Influence. She’s sharing the gorgeous photos and results from a recent holiday exchange that she organized. Isn’t it amazing what can be accomplished with just a few 5″ charms?

Linda Ezuka

Aloha from Hawaii! This is Linda Ezuka from Quilting Under The Influence. I am just a random modern day mom quilting under the influence (cocktails, chocolate, children) as I run thru the journey of life… I quilt for fun, my sanity and to build a community of quilters in Hawaii and beyond! And yes, it is another beautiful “winter” day in Hawaii, a beautiful blue sky day with the palm trees swaying through the 85 degree weather… I apologize in advance for those who are surrounded in snow right now!

Well, I decided to organize QUTI’s (“Cutee”) first exchange this past holiday season and I am still beaming ear to ear! Not only did we get great participation, everyone sent their fabric packs (you longtime exchangers know how rare this really is!), and I have new quilty BFFs. Woohoo!

We started with a simple mission, to exchange 5 pieces of 5 inch squares of Christmas fabric with no other guidance or expectations! That’s right, the mini-charm packs were sent in November and you are not going to believe the creativity that resulted! These women rock! Each quilter was instructed to go forth and be as creative as they wanted and the best part… they got to keep their lovely creations!

There must have been some serious convergent and divergent production going on in these ladies processes, because I am and will remain in awe of their talents, spirit and art! We all sent such different fabrics, some blue, some pink, certainly a challenge to bring it all together! But have no fear, the QUTI Club delivers!

Our Fearless Participants: Kelly G. of QUTI, Deanna, Stephanie, Dawn, Lizzie Marie, Jan, Marta P., and Dorthy G.

See their amazing work:



QUTI Stephanie








For my project, I chose to expand my horizons to be wild and crazy with a new technique – English paper piercing! What was I thinking, I thought once I got one piece pierced!?! No joke, patience isn’t quite my virtue, so this project took all I had to complete it! I have absolutely no shame in admitting that at times I had a cocktail or two, just to keep me paper piercing! But in the end, I love my new skill, new-found patience, and a lovely new technique. Oh, before I forget, I love, love, love, http://www.paperpieces.com/! They have awesome tools, ideas and they ship super fast!

I also attempted my first ruche, aka ruching. First of all, I had no prior knowledge of this word and it is still so fun to say… “I ruched today” or “Got Ruche?” or Ruche it baby! Hmmm, maybe I should make up a cocktail to go with that Ruche? See, I got a little distracted! Back to topic, I used a ruffler… ok… this is another funny one… this tool is a little intimidating and looks like something from the doctors office at first and then you should see it whirl! Woohoo! Too much fun! The lovely little models are holding up the finished product!

Linda quilt

QUTI logo

Want more fun? Join the QUTI blog, friend us or tweet with us!

Cheers, Linda Lewis Ezuka

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  1. Anna Marie Lewis says:

    Lin, I loved the story, the quilts, and all the friends you made along the way! You are a inspiration to all! Love , Wicked Step Mother.

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