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Save a UFO from Certain Death

Quilt Challenge Save a UFO

Are you ready for a challenge? A quilting challenge, where you get to pick one of your UFOs (unfinished quilting objects), make some progress and get it finished – or almost finished.

Along with Quilting Is Murder, I’m thrilled to be hosting this quilt challenge where we ask participants to save a UFO (unidentified project) from certain death by finishing it up! Here’s the best part: it can be anything mysteriously quilting related *and* you decide if it is "finished" or not when submitted.

Head over to the Quilting is Murder – Save a UFO Challenge page for all the details. I hope you’ll join the FUN and rescue one of your UFOs.

My Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I need some accountability! to get some of my UFOs done this year. I’m overwhelmed with all the projects I have on the go. While I can’t officially enter this challenge, I am going to participate and make a challenge to myself, and you, to get this quilt top done.

This is my postage stamp quilt that I started collecting 2″ squares for back in January 2010. As of mid-December, I have 17 blocks completed. Each block will finish at 12″ square and contains 64 – 1.5″ finished pieces.


I redid the math for this project and decided I wanted a 5×6 layout or 30 – 12″ blocks. During December, needing some time to de-stress, I started piecing the 8 strips together for the remaining 13 blocks for this quilt. Mindless stitching at its best.


I did some additional piecing over New Year’s and now have 52 – 16 patches together. Next up, pin and stitch into 26 patches, then into 64 patches for the completed 13 – 64-patch blocks.

52 strips

With 3/4″ sashing strips and 2.5″ for the outer border, the quilt will finish at 70″x82″. I haven’t decided yet the sashing or border colours. This quilt will contain 30×64 = 1,920 – 1.5″ finished patches when done! Here’s an EQ7 interpretation:

drawing postage stamp quilt

How about you? Are you up for the challenge?

Save one of your UFOs from certain death:
Quilting is Murder – Save a UFO Challenge

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4 Responses to “Save a UFO from Certain Death”

  1. Sandie Hrycyk says:

    Yeah Michele! This is a great quilt challenge. It’s short and sweet. Lord knows, we’ve had enought time to finish the projects so lets just do it and not take too long. I like it. I like your blocks too. You have been very productive. Silver star for you, maybe gold when you finish it!

  2. Vicki W says:

    I have a UFO I wanted to finish for a wedding gift. I may have to join in for this one!

  3. I love the postage stamp quilt you have started , I have been wanting to make one for about 5 years now , I have lots of scraps to make one with ,maybe i will do one this year. As for a challege .I have to make a Royal Crown Quilt for my daughter and I have not been able to make myself finish it so I may use that one for a UFO cahllege. We will see LOL
    I can’t wait to see your’s finished .

  4. […] I also have a couple of pizza boxes for storing blocks. They are the perfect size for 12.5″ unfinished blocks. Here’s Milo guarding my postage stamp quilt blocks. […]

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