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Can you help? – Project Threads of Hope

From Bev Rogan:

Quilts for Japan based in Calgary, AB is a group comprised of quilters and caring individuals dedicated to bringing hope and comfort to the people of Japan’s recent Tohoku disaster. Our shipment of over 1700 quilts has now arrived in Japan and is currently being distributed by CRASH Japan.

Jonathan Wilson of CRASH has approached us with a plea for help. With the continued long and difficult days the survivors face with no jobs to go or homes to run, depression and feelings of hopelessness are starting to overwhelm them. Their diminishing sense of well-being is of grave concern.

CRASH has informed us that they were so inspired by the Quilts for Japan project that they have decided that in an effort to help provide something meaningful for the survivors to do and in an effort to try and uplift their spirits, CRASH is going to have its volunteers teach the survivors how to quilt. In order to make this possible, CRASH needs our help.

As a result Quilts for Japan is now entering into its second phase of relief efforts for the people of Japan, Project Threads of Hope and your assistance is greatly needed.

We are asking quilters to donate pre-cut quilting kits (as specified on our website; www.quiltsforjapan.ca) as well as sewing and embroidery supplies which are required for the survivors to complete quilt, sewing and embroidery projects which we are making available to them.

This phase of our efforts allows everyone to participate. Whether or not you have ever quilted, sewed or embroidered, you can choose to donate any of various sewing and embroidery supplies which will serve to bring hope and a sense of purpose to a survivor’s day.

Help by spreading word of our efforts to your friends, family members, colleagues, local churches, quilt guilds and friends on Twitter, Facebook (join the Quits for Japan Facebook group) and other social networking sites.

Please help us make a positive difference in the very difficult lives of these people. No donation is too small to make, nor measure of hope to give.
Many thanks for your continued support for the people of Japan.

Bev Rogan
Quilts for Japan
Project Threads of Hope
“Sending what we love”

Download the press release – Project Threads of Hope [PDF file]

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This post was published on August 11th, 2011. Post topics: Charity Quilting.

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  1. Chris Dahl says:


    On behave of the Japanese, Bev Rogan and myself, we thank you for posting this. And we thank you for helping us spread the word about this project.

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