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A Summertime Purse for Me

This weekend, I’ve been working on a purse from me. The pattern is by Marlous Designs, called Maggie’s Bag. My mom picked out this pattern for me to make a purse for her. I wanted to do a test run first in other fabrics, so this one I’ll keep. I used 5″ charms for mine, but the pattern calls for 5.5″ squares. The one I’ll make for my mom, I’ll use 6″ squares so it’ll end up a bit bigger.

The fabrics

Ready to be quilted.

Quilting done, needs a good steam!

Quilted with small, loop de loops.

Close up of the quilting. Shiny cream rayon thread.

All done.

The other side.

Close up.

Close up of the other side.

Several pockets on the inside... hopefully it'll be easier to find my keys!

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20 Responses to “A Summertime Purse for Me”

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    Oh that’s just beautiful!

  2. Debbie Grasley says:

    Cute purse! Doesn’t look hard at all! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lorianne says:

    Love it! Looks easy and fun!

  4. Betsy Lynn says:

    Fantastic Michele!
    What a great purse!

  5. mary gontjes says:

    Super cute..I love this pattern..I made one just like it in black and white’s..Fun….Fun…
    happy sewing..

  6. Sandi says:

    Very cool, Michele!

  7. GerryART says:

    Wayyyy, too, cute!

  8. M-R says:

    What a perfect summer purse! Great job!

  9. Geraldine says:

    Beautiful little pruse, I love it.

  10. DiahRothman says:

    It is indeed a beautiful bag…… so happened I had done few. Your fabrics are lovely!

  11. DianeL says:

    How Adorable! love it!

  12. Sha says:

    I love this purse!

  13. Kathy Howard says:

    A very lovely bag.

  14. Olga says:

    Thank you!Very beautiful bags!

  15. Susanne says:

    I love this, and have fabric picked to make one. I have also seen the same purse made with tweeds and velvets in rich colours and it makes a lovely winter version.

  16. Liz says:

    love it…and the fabric you choose.

  17. Mom says:

    I love this one too, the colours are fantastic…and wouln’t care if it was a little smaller…………………….I think my coulours might be too boring now???

  18. Anita says:

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Love the quilting!

  19. Very Summerish!!!! I’ll bet now that you have the hang of it you just might need to make a few more.

  20. DianeL says:

    I LOVED this purse and the easy instructions from the first time I saw it! I went to my stash of MODA precut squares i had purchased a few years ago…and wow…this was the perfect use for the Folkorique (I think) squares.
    Thank you for posting this project! I will add pictures to my blog later today.

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