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Happy Canada Day & Vote Now: Patriotic Quilts

Canadian Flag

Happy Canada Day!! It is the best day of the year here in Canada’s national capital of Ottawa, Ontario. I’ll be heading out soon to take in the festivities, spend some time with friends, maybe catch a glimpse of the Royals, and probably partake in a few beers too. Oh, and the fireworks tonight, a fantastic display of gorgeous colour; they never disappoint.

Here’s what the live cam for Parliament Hill looked like at 7:50 am this morning. Wow, there’s a lot of people already there, staking out their spots. In case you’re wondering why everyone is only on one side, on the left side is where they do the changing of the guard ceremony. I think the parade, that I can hear getting ready off in the distance, might arrive in that area too.

A crappy photo, of the Snowbirds flyby yesterday afternoon. They swooped up and over the Hill, which is the direction my apartment faces. Not sure why there’s a plane missing.

A few seconds of a video I shot of them a few years ago.

To my Canadian friends, I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day. To my American friends, celebrating later this weekend, Happy Independence Day.

Now on to this week’s contest…

Weekly Quilt Contest


Grab yourself a cup of coffee and browse the gorgeous Patriotic Quilts for this week’s themed quilt contest. With so many beautiful quilts to choose from, I know we’ll all have a difficult time picking just one favourite, so this week you can pick three favourites.

Our good friends from the Fat Quarter Shop are back as this week’s sponsor and they’ve donated two $25 gift certificates for the winning quilters. Be sure to check out their very well organized pattern page on their web site. They now have PDF patterns that are perfect for when you want to sew "right now" as they are e-mailed to you within minutes.

Now it’s time for you to vote for your favourites!

  • Voting is open Friday – Sunday @ 11:59 p.m.
  • One vote per person (based on IP address NOT email address), so have your family and friends cast a ballot for their favourite quilt (from home if you send it to coworkers)
  • Winner announced Monday!

How to Vote:

  • Review the photos and stories below… there are several, so you’ll need to scroll down to see them all.
  • Underneath the photos, scroll down, you’ll see the names of all the quilts with a square button** beside each one. Select the buttons for the quilts you want to vote for. You can select up to three quilts this week.
  • Then scroll down, all the way, until you get to the bottom of the names of the quilts. Then press the vote button.

** Note: If you don’t see the square buttons to vote, but instead see the voting results, that means someone on your IP Address already voted, or that the voting period has ended, or that you need to refresh the page to see the voting options. Shared IP Addresses are very common in home or work networks.

Quick stats:

  • Total submissions: 22
  • Total countries: 4
  • Total provinces: 0
  • Total states: 12

You can click on the photo to view a larger version.

Aaron Patriot Aaron Patriot
By: Andi Settlemoir Barney,
Georgia, USA
Blog: Making Modern Memories

Our son, Aaron Patriot, was born at home as is shown in the pictures on the quilt. The quilt top was pieced using his old cloth diapers I dyed using only fruit and vegetables. I also printed our midwife’s labor & birth log on to recycled tea bags and attached in the four corners of the quilt.

Quilt size: width: 60" height: 46"

All eyes on Swiss All eyes on Swiss
By: All eyes on Swiss,
Blog: Suleons Flickwerk

I love mechanical watches (especially Omega and swiss made watches) and so I had to make a Swiss mug rug for placing my watch on it ;)

Also love the colours and flag mug rugs.

Quilt size: width: 10" height: 10"

Bella's Quilt Bella’s Quilt
By: Marie D.,
Pennsylvania, USA

I saw this pattern in the first quilt magazine I ever bought. I have a sister who loves all things red, white and blue so I knew I had to make it for her. It was a challenge for me as a beginning quilter, but she was very happy with it when I gave it to her.

Quilt size: width: 44" height: 40"

City Old Viet Nam City Old Viet Nam
By: VietnamQuilt,
Viet Nam

If someone came to Vietnam will surely not forget the neighborhood with old houses. This painting is an introduction to the people of Hanoi, Vietnam’s me. Through the paintings of the Quilter Vietnam’s people will understand more about a tiny country, but to explore.

Quilt size: width: 419" height: 620"

country star country star
By: Mary Shipman,
Missouri, USA
Blog: oldentimes

Round robin wall hanging, made by me and a group of friends around the US.
It hangs in my kitchen with a collection of old time treasures and makes me happy every time I look at it.

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 36"

Folded Log Cabin Hearts Folded Log Cabin Hearts
By: Idahoqltr,
Idaho, USA

Pattern from Garden Valley. Four of us got together and made our different versions together. Each log is a 1-1/2″ strip folded in half.

Quilt size: width: 13" height: 26"

For a Soldier For a Soldier
By: Deborah Meyer,
California, USA
Blog: Quilting Yai Yai

Our local quilt guild made quilts to send to our soldiers in the middle east. This is the first of several that I made and the first time I made a quilt with blocks on point and inset triangles. It was made with love and a thankful heart. We are making more this year.

Quilt size: width: 48" height: 60"

God Bless America God Bless America
By: Rita Garibay,
Texas, USA

A variety of American emblems to honor my patriotic husband who served 34 years in the Army

Quilt size: width: 90" height: 100"

Gold  Stars Gold Stars
By: Katie M.,
Arizona, USA
Blog: Katie and Kwilts

This was made as a donation to a Gold Star Mom. At a function where Patriotic quilts were donated to a VFW lodge, the group donating the quilts was made aware of the need for Gold Star quilts for these mothers who’ve lost a child in war. This was the quilt I made for that donation.

Quilt size: width: 80" height: 92"

Maple Leaf Runner Maple Leaf Runner
By: Jennifer Richards,

Made to honour my Canadian family and friends for Canada Day – design by Ilene Bartos, from the book “Maple Leaf Quilts”.

Quilt size: width: 16.5" height: 48.5"

Millenium Flag Millenium Flag
By: Lizze,
Washington, USA
Blog: The Wandering Stars

I made this in 2000 for the 4th of July on a whim. It was before I know I needed a pattern to make things and just created it haphazardly with just an idea in my head. While I loved the finished top, I took the quilt apart and requilted it last year, after learning how to quilt and bind well. Go USA

Quilt size: width: 57" height: 37"

My Little Flag My Little Flag
By: Annette Taylor,
Illinois, USA
Blog: My This That & Everything Blog

This was the first time I had all of my corners come out perfect. And then I covered them up with buttons!

Quilt size: width: 14" height: 10"

Old Glory Old Glory
By: Julie,
Idaho, USA
Blog: Spud’s Excellent Quilting Adventure

I saw this quilt as a BOM and although it’s not my normal colors I had to make it. It is hand appliqued and machine quilted. The pattern is by Blackbird Designs in the book Summer Weekend. Several friends also made this quilt, although most were done before me!

Quilt size: width: 49" height: 61"

Patriotic Baby Bow Ties Patriotic Baby Bow Ties
By: Lindy,
Washington, USA
Blog: Art From The Heart

3D bow tie baby quilt in Red, White and Blue!

Quilt size: width: 36" height: 40"

Patriotic in bits & pieces Patriotic in bits & pieces
By: Tink & Dick Linhart,
Wisconsin, USA

Letting scraps of our red, white and blue fabrics go at our Quilts of Valor sewing day is unthinkable. Paper-piecing reds on one side, a white scrap in the middle and blues on the other side. The white scrap became a place for signatures expressing well-wishes of grateful people to our troops.

Quilt size: width: 55" height: 65"

Patriotic Sailing Patriotic Sailing
By: Jane Keene,
North Carolina, USA

This quilt was first time I pieced Snail tails and thought they looked more like ocean waves. I used a nautical print in red and blue throughout with the white. To tie the theme together, I made the sailboats which travel completely around the quilt border.

Quilt size: width: 90" height: 100"

Patriotic Stars Patriotic Stars
By: Jean Romack,
Wisconsin, USA

Patriotic Stars Quilt, made for young woman who just made Colonel in the Air Force Reserves

Quilt size: width: 80" height: 80"

Stars and Stripes Allover Stars and Stripes Allover
By: Darlene Gerber,
Ohio, USA
Blog: I Quilt Scarlet and Gray

My quilt is inspired by a quilt called Stars Galore by Sally Murray which is published in the Quilts on American Barns book by Eleanor Burns. It is a 4 x 4 quilt and has 2 different blocks. It also has a ribbon border. This was the first quilt I designed using EQ7.

Quilt size: width: 72" height: 72"

The Ribbon The Ribbon
By: Giddy,
Texas, USA

This is my first original design I made for my first Quilt of Valor! I just loved how it turned out

Quilt size: width: 56" height: 68"

They Served - We are Proud of them They Served – We are Proud of them
By: Bern Johnson,

My quilt was made as much for my husband as it was for the Partners of Veterans’ Association quilt show a few years back. My husband is an Australian Vietnam Veteran and my quilt ackmowledges the selfless service of the Defence Forces and the wounds that they carry many years after they served.

Quilt size: width: 128" height: 141"

United Con-census United Con-census
By: LoveBug,
Illinois, USA
Blog: LoveBug Studios Blog

This quilt name is intentionally misspelled, because there are exactly 50 stars sized to represent the relative populations in each US state based on the 2010 census (but not their political affiliation.) The stars range in size from 2″-12″. The quilting is the words to the Star Spangled Banner.

Quilt size: width: 43" height: 43"

Veteran's Quilt Veteran’s Quilt
By: Chris Deering,
Illinois, USA

We had a call for veteran’s quilts for our guild. I helped make a few, then decided to find all my appropriate “orphan” blocks and make another quilt to donate. Here it is! I think it came out pretty well, especially for having been a bunch of left over blocks!

Quilt size: width: 45" height: 60"

Patriotic Quilts

  • Old Glory (24%, 108 Votes)
  • All eyes on Swiss (21%, 95 Votes)
  • Bella's Quilt (15%, 66 Votes)
  • God Bless America (12%, 54 Votes)
  • Aaron Patriot (12%, 51 Votes)
  • Millenium Flag (10%, 44 Votes)
  • Patriotic in bits & pieces (5%, 24 Votes)
  • United Con-census (5%, 23 Votes)
  • Stars and Stripes Allover (4%, 19 Votes)
  • Gold Stars (4%, 16 Votes)
  • Maple Leaf Runner (3%, 15 Votes)
  • The Ribbon (3%, 14 Votes)
  • City Old Viet Nam (3%, 13 Votes)
  • Veteran's Quilt (3%, 13 Votes)
  • They Served - We are Proud of them (3%, 13 Votes)
  • Patriotic Sailing (3%, 12 Votes)
  • Folded Log Cabin Hearts (2%, 11 Votes)
  • For a Soldier (2%, 7 Votes)
  • My Little Flag (2%, 7 Votes)
  • country star (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Patriotic Stars (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Patriotic Baby Bow Ties (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 443

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Next Week’s Contest

The theme for next week’s quilt contest is Friendship Quilts. Get your cameras out and Submit your Quilt Photo.

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