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Trail of Thread Book Series Features Quilts and History

Earlier this month, I shared my love of history and pioneer life and I also told you about the blog tour for Linda Hubalek’s Trail of Thread book series. Today’s my special day on the blog tour.

Please join me in welcoming Linda as she writes about her books and the quilts from her ancestors. Linda’s also giving away an ebook to one of my lucky blog readers. See below for how to enter.

Linda Hubalek

Hello from the Kansas prairie!

I’m pioneer writer Linda Hubalek, roaming the Internet—via my laptop—on a WOW! Book Blog Tour. Because my Trail of Thread book series weaves stories and quilts together, the Quilting Gallery is a perfect stop to tell you a little bit about the series.

I’ve written ten books about pioneers; about women that forged trails and built homesteads during the 1860s to the 1910s. These main characters were my ancestors who decided to make the Kansas frontier their home. A woven mixture of facts and fiction, you’ll be drawn into their pioneer stories.

Quilts and quilting seemed like a perfect theme for the stories of my mother’s side of the family after my mother told me the story behind one special quilt she’s had since she was a teenager.

In 1938 my mother’s great aunt Martha Pieratt gave her a quilt. At that time the quilt was over 100 years old and had been handed down through her mother’s Kennedy family. Doing some research on it while planning my Trail of Thread book series, it turns out to be the Cleveland Tulip pattern and it traveled with Martha’s mother Maggie Kennedy when she moved from Ohio to Kansas in 1858.

Cleveland Tulip

So I wove a quilting theme into the titles and the Trail of Thread book series by featuring twelve quilt patterns in each book.

My Trail of Thread book was about my ancestor Deborah Pieratt’s wagon trail journey to the Territory of Kansas in 1854. The second book, Thimble of Soil featured Margaret Ralston Kennedy’s decision to move her family from their safe Ohio home to the unsettling territory in 1855. And the final book in the series, Stitch of Courage, followed Maggie Kennedy Pieratt during her young years as she marries James Monroe Pieratt during the Civil War.

Next Quilting Series by Linda Hubalek

As I work on my fourth series, The Kansas Quilter, I’m taking a closer look at the family quilts that my great grandmother Kizzie Hamman Pieratt made during her ninety-seven years.

I think of the time it took to make each quilt, the preparation, the cutting of the material, the hours sewing the blocks and then quilting all the layers together. And who helped her put them together? What conversations passed across the quilt frame? What was going on in the community, state and world during the construction of that particular quilt?

These are just a few of the questions I’m trying to "stitch" together as I research and write about this pioneer woman that spent so much time making quilts. Please join me in this new "quilting" project by reading my blog and "liking" and following me on Facebook as I post tidbits and photos about Kizzie Pieratt. I think she’s a Kansas pioneer quilter you’d like to meet.

Enter the Give-Away

Want to win one of my ebooks? Please enter my ebook give-away by leaving a comment below, and a randomly picked lucky reader will receive a Kindle version of Stitch of Courage, featuring Maggie Kennedy Pieratt’s story.

Because quilt patterns can have more than one name, please tell me what you’d call the quilt Maggie brought with her (Cleveland Tulip pictured above) as your entry for the ebook drawing. Winner will be chosen next Tuesday. [Facebook friends, please CLICK HERE to enter on the blog post your comment.]

Many thanks from the Kansas prairie for following my trail of books!

Linda K. Hubalek

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28 Responses to “Trail of Thread Book Series Features Quilts and History”

  1. Darcene says:

    I am in Pratt, KS….it is great to see someone who lives in KS writing about our prairie ancestors…I would call the quilt pattern “Prairie of Hope”…

  2. Julie says:

    I just finished reading this book and I am amazed! It was like I was the one in the wagon train! I can’t wait to start the next and the next… Thank you Linda! The details and yes the quilts are wonderful!

  3. Anna says:

    I love both history and quilting and so a book that combines both is a double winner.
    The brown patches in the center design reminded me of highway lane markers so I would call the pattern “The Road Home”

  4. Lindi says:

    I would call the tulip quilt “Dutch Garden”. I can’t wait to read this series of books! They sound grand!

  5. Sue C. says:

    The books sound wonderful and a great way to have the history of our country come alive. I would call the quilt “Flowers from Home” because the quilt flower pattern must surely have held memories of the friends, family and homes they left behind.

  6. Deborah Raptis says:

    By being born and raised in the Southeast, these stories will introduce me to an area of our country that I’ve never been to. I’d call the quilt “Tulips Left Behind”.

  7. Debi Cutter says:

    Having lived in Ohio, I would call it the Peony Star. My mother-in-law called them “pineys”. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the picture! Your books sound very interesting!!

  8. carol says:

    tulip’s trail

  9. Hello everyone! I enjoyed all your comments about my guest post. Please look up my books (that are available as ebooks too) as I’m sure you’ll enjoy this series, plus my others too.
    Many thanks from the Kansas prairie!
    Pioneer writer- Linda Hubalek

  10. Signs of Spring. I can’t wait to read the story!!

  11. Barbie K says:

    Thanks so much for introducing the series to those of us who’d not been aware! I can’t wait to start reading the “quilt adventures”!
    Based on current events and what must of been a horrendous experience had it occurred out in the middle of nowhere…the tornado tragedies now, and the movement in the design, make me think of WIND SWEPT TULIPS!

  12. rlbates says:

    Love historic novels. Love novels with quilt themes!

  13. Heidi S says:

    I think that I could call the quilt “Tulips of Time”. This is the first that I’ve heard of this series but am very anxious to get started on them.

  14. Betty C says:

    Just learned about this series on facebook and can’t wait to start reading. My grandfather used to talk about walking to Kansas behind a covered wagon so this topic is really close to home for me. How about “Pathfinder’s Posy?”

  15. Cathie B says:

    Ooooooo – I just got a kindle and would love to add your book to my collection!!! I’m an avid quilter and love to read books about quilting and about history. Thank you so much for sharing today!

  16. Lindy Weber says:

    Tough road and life for our fore-mothers! The Cleveland Tulip, by the end of the journey, could be named, “By the grace of God”!

  17. Cathy Sylvester says:

    I would call it “Toward the Sun” I certainly am going to download your books.

  18. Marie A says:

    I can’t wait to read your books! For a name of the quilt – I love the name Cleveland Tulip. I’m just not very creative today.

  19. Diane Wild says:

    I love books that weave history and quilting. This series sounds wonderful AND I just got a Kindle as a retirement gift. I think I would rename the quilt Prairie Flower. Thank you

  20. Lee says:

    Hi Linda
    I had not heard of your books over here is Australia but when I read about them through Michele’s Quilting Gallery I was so excited. I have just got a Kindle and will now HAVE to find some of your books to download
    Look forward to reading your books

  21. Lee says:

    Hi Linda
    I had not heard of your books over here is Australia but when I read about them through Michele’s Quilting Gallery I was so excited. I have just got a Kindle and will now HAVE to find some of your books to download. I would definately rename the quilt “Tulip Time”.
    Look forward to reading your books

  22. Linda Brown says:

    Hello I think your books would be wonderful to read and I have to look up your other books as well.

  23. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    A new blog to read! I love the fact that you know all your family history – how fascinating!
    I’d name it Which Way to Turn?

  24. Wow! What a great group of comments from everyone!

    I’m looking forward to all of you following the pioneer’s trails to Kansas through your Kindle or Nook! (What a contrast of how to read comparing to the pioneer day!)

  25. Julie says:

    I have read some of your books, and enjoyed them very much.

  26. Diana says:

    Just started reading stories with quilting themes. Really enjoying the stories!

  27. Susan W says:

    What an awesome story you have to tell! I just got a Kindle so I’ll be hunting for your books there! I would name this block “Going West” because the arrow at the bottom reminds me of a compass point…and weren’t they told “Go west, young man”?

  28. Jay says:

    Although I am now in Texas, I grew up in central Illinois, went to U of Missouri to college and drive thru Kansas nearly once a year to visit family in the midwest. I love the history involved with quilting and am looking forward to your new book.

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