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Pretty Bouquets

Thanks everyone for your heartfelt comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Daniel was well-loved around the world.

Pretty flowers from my parents:

Edible fruit arrangement from my sister and her family:

Pretty pink flowers from the wonderful gang at Centretown Veterinary Hospital:

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5 Responses to “Pretty Bouquets”

  1. robin says:

    Wow – what loving support you’ve received! :) So nice. Losing a pet can leave a huge hole, and it’s nice when others can acknowledge that. I remember losing my cat years ago – it was such a shock, and so sad to me. Family thought I was silly.

  2. Micki Butler says:

    So sorry you lost your pet. I am glad that you got some nice gifts!

  3. Oh, Michele. What a wonderful way to cheer you up! Daniel was loved as much as you are!

  4. Sandra Aiken says:

    The Flowers are beautiful. They can remind you of the beautiful times you had with Daniel. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. Viviane says:

    Daniel was truly special. Sweet-natured, friendly and fun, good company, a great mixer, and your lovely companion for many years. An all-round great guy.

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